Work, Life, & More

I got my new orthotic wheelchair cushion in to relieve some of the pressure on my tailbone when I’m working. I had expected when it arrived, I would be itching and ready to get back to writing. That turned out not to be the case. I am having trouble with the world feeling surreal and odd. I feel like we should be checking to ensure the dolphins haven’t buggered off. Someone I know may have been exposed to COVID-19 and my mom is going to need surgery to fix an aneurysm soon. And when I called the ENT Monday about my ear problems still existing to some degree their office was closed for the day. I called the pharmacy to get my meds refilled (it was called in Sunday) and was told they were doing the best they could they were 1,500 prescriptions behind from the weekend as everyone was filling emergency meds.

And so Monday, I walked around in a daze. It was difficult to stay interested in anything. I wasn’t obsessively checking my phone for news, but it was definitely going off like mad as my city prepares for the inevitable…

To combat the surreal feeling, I worked on my crochet hair towel pattern and listened to an audiobook – Dark Hollow by John Connolly it’s the second in the Charlie “Bird” Parker series. I’m about to start book 3 and I’m not sure if I like the series or not. It has some parts that annoy the piss out of me, but I love the characters of Louie and Angel who might be more human and sympathetic than the main character Charlie Parker. It isn’t that I dislike the character of Charlie Parker, but I definitely think he’s an idiot and his own worst enemy in ways that drive me nuts. Some people complain about killers chasing the main police figures in books, I hate when the main characters are so determined to do everything alone that they defeat their own purpose and Charlie is one of those characters.

Today I’m supposed to have lunch plans with family. As I write this at midnight, it is a bit uncertain if that will be possible. Our mayor has asked restaurants to limit seating in house and offer more take-out and delivery options. Some places have already closed their public seating areas and are only offering take-out and pickup. However, I am pretty desperate for Jose Jalapenos’ enchiladas – Jose has told me twice he has the best ones in town and he does have the best fajitas, so I’m inclined to believe him. If they aren’t able to accomodate us for lunch, J and I agreed to order dinner from there and have it delivered to his work for him to bring home. I wish GrubHub and the ilk would expand their delivery areas during this time… we currently live 3 miles out of city limits so they don’t deliver to us. But I’m all for ordering the occasional delivery meal from my favorite local places.

For most of yesterday, I kept thinking “soonest begun, soonest done.” As scary as it is; the sooner we get this virus under control the sooner we can end this dystopian reality. Dart leagues across the country are shutting down, something I wasn’t sure would happen. And that added to the surrealism and disconnect… as messages popped up on social media saying “League X is canceled until further notice”.

And I think that is one of the things I will be doing this week. I think I will be unplugging from social media for a few days this week or weekend. It is currently a distraction from the things that need my attention.

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