Mixed Messages

The government keeps telling us not to panic over COVID-19… however, on Wednesday my state government issued a notice asking the public not to visit the state capitol and they asked the University of Missouri to suspend in-person classes until after Spring Break. Then following the lead of MU another University suspended in-person classes and several others began discussing it… so do they want us to panic or not?

It seems like if we aren’t supposed to panic our government should be leading by example and they themselves should consider not panicking. Because at the moment that is what they are doing.

Here’s the deal, we lost the battle of containment. Our new societal goal is to not all get sick at once and overwhelm the US health care system…. which already has issues. And to prevent deaths. One of the things I have heard no one mention is the people without health insurance who can’t afford to go to the hospital even if they suspect they have coronavirus and can’t breathe. And many of the US’s elderly have this problem….

People are panicking, but the status should be “very concerned” unless you’re okay with your elderly parents dying of an infectious disease.

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