I saw a Tweet shared about coronavirus in St. Louis that put the outbreak into perspective. The guy under quarantine in St. Louis broke it to go to a dance and a store. But here’s the cold hard truth… You are still more likely to be shot in St. Louis than get the Novel Coronavirus.

Mortality rate is still only 2 or 3%. Mortality rate for a gunshot wound in the US is still around 50%. And regardless of where you live in the US you are at a higher risk of being shit than getting coronavirus. I’m including accidental shootings as well as intentional ones.

I’m not saying we should give up our guns, all I’m saying is that the panic and hysteria are unfounded. Yes, you or someone you know is likely to get Coronavirus. Good chance you know someone that’s been shot.

This whole thing is easier if we all use common sense. Take precautions, but hysteria and panic buying won’t solve the problem. Do you really need 72 – – 24 packs of toilet paper? Do you need 70 boxes of nitrile gloves? The answer to these is no. You might buy 5 or 6 things of hand soap and carry a couple bottles of hand sanitizer, but realistically this is no worse than Influenza A except it’s brand new and no one has antibodies for it. Oh and Influenza A has a MUCH higher mortality rate than the Novel Coronavirus.

Do you panic buy every September when the first case of Influenza A occurs? Probably not. The majority of Americans age 20-55 don’t even get a flu shot. Now, if you’re among the unlucky that end up quarantined your best panic purchases are entertainment items, most people don’t realize how boring 14 days at home with no visitors really is…. I assure you it’s brutal, talk about cabin fever.

And there we have it.

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