The ENT & My Ears

There is a ton of fluid in my right middle ear. There is also fluid in my left middle ear, but not as much as my right. I have some hearing issues with both ears as a result. I also still have a sinus infection and inflammation of my sinus passages. The ENT thinks there is so much fluid in my right ear it is putting pressure on my inner ear and that coupled with the sinus migraine are causing the vertigo.

So, what are we going to do about it? I’m now on doxycycline and Prednisone. If this round of antibiotics and steroids do not clear up the problem, we are going to have to put tubes in both ears and may need to go back in and do rhinoplasty on different sinus passages.

We want to explore the medication options first. The ear is made up of nothing but nerves and the ENT was a little concerned when I told him I had complex regional pain syndrome. Not just that, but I have perfect hearing when I don’t have fluid dampening sound. There was no range I couldn’t hear, although there were volumes I could hear better than others, but that’s the fluid. Cutting a hole in my ear drum could cause the creation of scar tissue thereby removing my ability to hear all tones, plus we have to consider that with CRPS if it moves to the nerves of my ears I will lose a lot of my hearing and they will become as painful as my hip…. which he said would make it feel like I always had a severe ear infection and that’s he’s had to deal with it once in the past and it was bad.

If this is going to work, I should start feeling some relief by Friday night at the latest. Until then, it’s meclizine as need be along with antibiotics, heating pads, and steroids. And so my comments this past month that I felt if someone would just poke holes in my ear drum were accurate that would help it and it may be necessary, although we will try to avoid it.

And he asked if I needed a note for work. I almost told him yes. I almost said “yes please can I have a note for 2 weeks since my computer is triggering vertigo, I want to scan it in for my readers to see.” But then decided not to waste his time. I may also need a variant of rhinoplasty again. We didn’t have to do anything to my ear passages when we did it in 2004. My sudden onset of multiple instances of ear problems means there could be an issue with the eustachian tube opening and I’m allergic to everything. If we do tubes, we’ll have to do a CT Scan of my head anyway, so we’ll be looking at that as well.

I made a mistake though. I had to go to Walmart after the ENT (I needed shampoo). I decided to fill my prescriptions there. It cost me $40! Now, in September when I had Prednisone from my regular pharmacy it was $3.90 for 36 pills. And last year when I filled doxycycline it was $10 for 20. I paid $9 and $30 today at Walmart. I asked if they were out of network or something and they told me no, that was my copay. The copay difference is just insane.

Anyway, I’m supposed to continue resting. My bulgy eardrum is because of all the fluid in my middle ear and he had some concerns about it. But again, CRPS trumps what we can do to my body in both my mind and his. Antibiotics and steroids only have one more shot to clear up everything.

4 thoughts on “The ENT & My Ears

  1. Well, it is good that, as opposed to some other doctors, your ENT recognizes CRPS.

    On the topic of prescription costs, have you tried GoodRx? It has no cost to signup and provides cost comparisons of various providers. I started using them when my health plan decided abruptly and without notice to discontinue covering a medication.

    On this drug, the cost differential between GoodRx and CVS is 45 vs 900 for a 90 day supply.

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  2. Please check out Good Rx! I had a prescription I was paying over $80.00 for. Good Rx showed another pharmacy has a cash and carry price of ***$11.00*** and since my pharmacy did price matching at the time, they called, double checked the price, and honored it. Even though the pharmacy doesn’t price match anymore, with a free Good Rx coupon, another drug went from the insurance price of over $60.00 to $12.00. I just have the free account but you can pay a fee and get some additional perks.

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