Problem With The Layout of Our House

I have been exceptionally deaf lately and I know this, so I have been avoiding night time crocheting. I like to listen to an audiobook or watch TV when I crochet. Now, I’m starting to think there’s something about the layout of our house that is making it an even bigger problem.

At 12:40 am on Sunday night, I was listening to an audiobook upstairs. One I have heard a few times… so if I miss something it isn’t a big deal. The volume on my iPhone was about 20%… way lower than I have been listening to it and ear buds are out of the question for more than about an hour a day. And my hour had been used up, they had started making my ear exceptionally sore.

Anyway, I’m listening along and as I said my volume is low. But it wakes up my mom. She says in her room it sounds like it is playing right next to her head. My mom has some hearing loss and tinnitus. I have listened to books and podcasts at this volume before during the day without an issue, as a matter of fact at that volume during the day as she sits in the same room with me, she says it doesn’t bother her, she can barely hear it.

Well… that’s just weird. Meaning is there something about the layout of the upstairs that amplifies sound as it goes down the hallway making it seem much louder in the bedrooms than it is in the living room?

I don’t know. I know it’s been nearly a month of this and I am starting to get depressed. I want to be able to hear at normal levels again. I want my ear to stop feeling pressurized and full. And I really want to finish this audiobook, but I won’t be doing it at night while I crochet.

Thankfully, I see the ENT today. Fingers crossed.

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