Glad It’s Over

February sucked. I was sick all month. I hope March gets considerably better. Angela is working on book covers for The Dysfunctional Expansion. The book has been sent to the second editor. I have an appointment with the ENT March 3 now instead of March 16. Oh and I had to contact Google Play Partner Suppert about my 1099 that never showed up.

I didn’t get much done in February. I completed one baby blanket and started two others. I got almost no writing done, maybe 20 chapters all month on two different books. This makes me feel a bit like a failure, but using my computer has been so difficult with this ear issue. I can only hope when I see the ENT he has a magic wand that can make it all go away. I’m still having issues, but as long as I keep pumping meclizine (motion sickness pills) into my body its manageable. Since February 7th, I have gone through nearly a bottle of 100 meclizine. I’m taking between 2 and 4 a day.

But I did manage one thing. My editor and I started a new group in which I am teaching crochet via video. I uploaded 5 “this is how you crochet” videos Thursday of last week. On Saturday, my editor sent me a picture of her foundation chain and a row of single stitches into the foundation chain. So, they apparently work! The first 5 videos were “this is how you start”, “the single crochet”, “the half double crochet” “the double crochet” and “this is how you tie off.” After uploading all of them, I realize I should have given 2 the first week and one each week after that. But live and learn. I also realized I need to buy a wearable camera because my current set-up sucks.

Interestingly, I have one person from the UK and one from Australia in the group. I need to read up on my crochet terms, I know stitch names are slightly different between the UK and US… I once bought a pattern that I could not make work to save my soul, then I realized I’d bought it from someone in the UK and when I started doing the translation (for example: what the US calls a single the UK calls a double and what the US calls a double the UK calls a treble – so in the pattern I kept putting in trebles, but my trebles are US trebles because I’m accustomed to US stitches… I ripped out all the trebles and put in US doubles and suddenly the pattern worked).

I intend to restart character blog posts in the upcoming weeks. I just need to get my ear sorted out first. I’m kind of hoping the ENT pokes a hole in it Tuesday, I think that would make me feel soooo much better. I know that sounds strange, but it feels pressurized from the back all the time and is slightly painful. I feel if they put a hole it in and released the pressure it would be fine.

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