My Apologies

My apologies for yesterday’s post. I watched the news and that always puts me in a doom and gloom mood anymore. I’ve been good at avoiding it the last year and a half, only reading bits and pieces when the BBC or CNN has an alert. But yesterday I made the mistake of actually watching a news broadcast. By the end of it I was angry and depressed. And so the doom and gloom post was born.

Now, novel coronavirus is a serious issue for everyone. I know it’s technically missing one of the WHO’s criteria for a pandemic. But I believe it’s just a matter of time before it gets there. It probably won’t reach a 28% mortality rate that Spanish Flu had, but I believe it will increase from the 2-4% it’s at now, simply because viruses and bacteria mutate so rapidly and that’s part of what makes them so deadly. Even as I type the virus is mutating to become more or less communicable. It may still run its course and mutate itself out of being communicable, which would be a best case scenario, but at this point we should be considering that it might be mutating the other direction – more communicable.

Yesterday was not meant to incite panic, but as a reminder that we as a society should prepare for novel coronavirus. I don’t mean go stock cases of water in your basement or buy out all the tinned meats in the supermarket like you would for a hurricane or a thunderstorm expected to spawn lots of super toronadoes, but mentally prepare. Our stock markets will continue to fluctuate and at some point there might be a shortage of goods coming out of Asia, especially China. If many countries end up hit as hard as China’s been hit, then we can expect economic conditions to get somewhat bad and we can expect things like food shortages.

Most of us have never experienced a true global crisis; we haven’t had one in a while. Swine Flu – H1N1 did become a pandemic in 2010, but I had to double check WHO to make sure; because it wasn’t as bad as most. I believe COVID-19 will be worse than Swine Flu and I say that having had a relative die in 2009 of Swine Flu.

There will be panic, there always is, but if you are mentally prepared for the crisis and the panic that will follow, it will be easier on you. This doesn’t mean you should stop stocking up on Clorox wipes or washing your hands with soap and water, you should do these things, it’s still flu season in the US and influenza sucks. A friend of mine’s teen daughter is getting out of the hospital in the next couple of days after getting Influenza A and being hospitalized. And you should listen to some of the hype; listen to warnings from the CDC and the NIH. And all the other organized agencies that have doctors and scientists telling you about novel coronavirus. I’ve noticed a trend in the US as of late to ignore the experts, but only the experts will get us through this if it gets worse.

Ok, less doom and gloom. I’ll go back to ignoring the news now.

4 thoughts on “My Apologies

  1. Most Americans are basically innumerate, and have no real grasp of numbers and relations. We experience between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually due to influenza and about 35,000 – 40,000 traffic deaths per year. Yet there is widespread panic over a disease that has caused roughly 3,000 deaths worldwide. Wouldn’t an equally appropriate response to the last be a suggestion that all automobiles be impounded?

    Death is inevitable. No one makes it out of this life alive. We need to maintain perspective and live, perhaps somewhat cautiously, but walking around in paper face masks to avoid a virus that is many times smaller than the filters’ pore size is absurd.

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    1. We also fail to see cause and effect… better mental health services would decrease drug abuse and homelessness, but the real answer is to just make prescriptions harder to get and keep avoiding the mental health issues that lead to drug abuse and homelessness.


  2. Mr Buckler,& Hadena,
    couldn’t agree more… been there done that have too many t-shirts to prove it… Blaming Trump or Sanders won’t help so wish the political pundits would get ” punted” off the island.. Lab-grown or natural variation at this point proves no good at name-calling..
    EMT-LPN doesn’t make for fun patient..

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