Coffee, Crochet, & Crime

The Facebook group my editor started to cover some of our shared interests is up and running: Coffee, Crochet, and Crime. I’m handling the crochet tutorials and I’ve plotted out the first series of videos for learning to crochet, the first group project for beginner’s (an ear warmer), the first Stitch of the week for the those that already know how to crochet, and the first true crime discussion.

I’ve taught people to crochet before, but I’ve never made videos for it. I am really excited about the stitch of the week feature. I used to love to buy those cheapy crochet books that had ten or so “new to you” stitches as well as a few patterns to try out for $0.99 or $1.99. I loved them so much, it was a usual thing for me to spend my allowance on and it was one of my favorite reasons to go to Walmart. Unfortunately, I’ve lost them, but my aunt has told me I can have all my grandmother’s crochet books, I just need to go pick them up. With my ear problems the last month and the repeat sinus infection, I haven’t made it yet. The Stitch of the Week feature is my homage to those books that taught me so many neat stitches for all those years.

I continue to type away for a handful of hours a day on my two novels in progress. I intend to send out the test chapters for my Solve the Mystery Yourself book by the end of the week. I think it’s coming along well, but I need feedback before I dive into it more, because it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong and a book was struggling without me knowing it.

I also continue to consume audiobooks. I’ve caught up on Stephen King and am working through some Michael Connelly I hadn’t read. The compression glove and PainBlock24 is keeping my thumb from bothering me to the point that I can’t crochet. So, it’s my primary time killer again. I will be so glad when my ear issue is fixed and I can return to my normal life.

And that’s all the new news and updates I have for now.

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