So Bored

In January, I was having issues with my thumb. I wore a splint for most of 2 weeks and it went away. It’s on my left hand, so the only thing it has really interfered with was my crocheting and knitting. Writing was problematic at first, but I found if I used my thumb a specific way to type, it wasn’t an issue. Fast forward to making baby blanket 3 and deciding to do a back cross stitch on it… and after a couple of days of crocheting the “texter’s thumb” injury was bothering me again.

My pain management nurse recommended a cream called PainBlock24 and some readers and some of those in my crochet groups recommended a compression glove. I ordered both of these items. They arrive Sunday. And I am forcing myself to not crochet until it begins working. I was told I would need to use the cream every day for a week for it to work as it’s supposed to, but should feel some relief the first day or two.

I apparently don’t have enough hobbies though. I can’t write but four or five hours a day. I’ve been crocheting most of the rest of the time. And now I can’t even do that until tomorrow or the next day. I’ve been listening to audiobooks or watching TV while crocheting. I like to have busy hands while I do these things. And I can’t play video games. Now the question becomes what do I do… I can’t work. I can’t read. Watching TV for too long or watching really intense motion heavy stuff triggers vertigo.

So, what do I do with all these hours to fill? I need to put some epsom salt in my above ground planters and beyond that… I have 13 hours or so every day. And I need whatever I do to not require my thumb too much. Or increase my hip pain. And it can’t require too much movement in general or it will set off vertigo which I am trying to avoid. I rarely suffer from boredom. I’ve always been good at entertaining myself and keeping myself company, but as we enter week 4 of not working much and now unable to crochet, I am running out of ways to entertain myself. Bah humbug.

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