Teenage Angst

A friend called me and asked me to look at some poetry their teen wrote to critique it. It took me a half hour to convince her, I was not the person to critique poetry. I like 4 poems in the entire world. And despite being a writer I did not go through a moody teenaged poetry writing phase. I hated poetry as a teen and I’m still not a huge fan of it as an adult. I definitely can’t judge if a poem is “good” or “bad” or where it would need work. Or how it could be improved and if you’re dealing with teenage angst, I am the absolute last person to ask because most poetry could only be improved with a match in my opinion. After an hour, I finally told her “when your teen starts writing ultra emotional and moody short stories, I’m your girl.”

I don’t think she appreciated it and I’m not sure she ever truly understood why I wasn’t fascinated by her kid’s poetry and she may never talk to me again if she reads this. Some novelists do write poetry and love it. I am not one of them. I have written a few poems when they were required for assignments in class, but otherwise I’m not a poet and I know nothing about poetry. Of the few poems I do like, two of them are basically short stories set to a rhythm; The Raven and Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came…

Hell, possibly three, I’m not sure Annabel Lee is a poem or a short story set to a rhythm, but as I write these words, I’m thinking more and more that it might be. The other poem I really like is Ozymandias. And my love of it might be related to my love of history than to the poem itself as Pharaoh Ramses the Great was the inspiration for it.

Enough about poetry. I’m not even interested in it enough to complete this blog post.

In writing news; the first installment of Character Blog Posts have been sent to Krissy for editing (and compilation into a free ebook). I am working on 2 books, one (Dysfunctional Dreams) will publish in June. The other will publish eventually unless my feedback group tells me it sucks and not worth finishing.

She’s finished editing The Dysfunctional Expansion and Angela is working on a cover for it. I have not been able to get to the edits of it yet, because the jumping around that happens during editing triggers vertigo. I finally have an appointment with an ENT about my ear.

Character blog posts will resume in March.

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