The New Book

On the 19th, I began writing a new book. I worked on it for about an hour (all I can manage to write at one time for now) and got the first two chapters sorted out. It is a non-traditional book… The reader will read a first person investigation style account of a murder. It is somewhat model on the concept of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from my youth as well as being influenced by Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple stories.

I’ve wanted to write an adult “Choose Your Own Adventure” type novel since I was a teenager. But since I mostly write – whatever it is I write – I’ve always worried how it would turn out. But while laying in bed with vertigo for one of the many times this past two weeks it started coming together in my head.

The reader’s first options have been inserted and my next step is to write the accompanying text for the links. For example, you’ve just arrived at the murder when you get your first options. You can take witness statements, interview friends/family, etc.

Sometimes, I wonder if I have too many works in progress. I never write just one book at a time unless I can’t get the book off my brain without putting it on paper. I have the same problem with crocheting, I sorted out what I’m making in bulk this year for Christmas gifts and started planning them out. Is this what adult ADD is? I often also read multiple books at a time… All of this is because my mood impacts my ability to “do” things. Some days, I want easy peasy and complicated baby blankets or complicated plots aren’t it and other days, I want to be totally engrossed incapable of losing focus on whatever I’m working on.

I hope next week to be able to get back to writing daily blog posts and writing books. I saw my doctor on the 20th about my ear and we are moving forward with the ENT and hopefully, my vertigo will be better soon.

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