“It’s a little bulgy”

I had a doctor’s appointment earlier today for my ear. My doctor said “you don’t have an outer ear infection and I don’t see fluid behind your eardrum, but it’s a little bulgy so I will make sure to get you the first appointment the ENT has available. Great? Then we discussed methods to prevent vertigo.

And so as expected it’s up to the ENT to figure it out. Which I hope he does quickly because Wednesday night, after I went to bed I had issues and didn’t really sleep much. After a few minutes in bed it felt like my ear needed to be pressurized, a few more minutes and the sharp stabby pain began and it lasted and lasted and lasted into the morning. I was falling asleep shortly before J was getting up for work.

Here’s a weird thing to know, darkly tinted polarized sunglasses slow down the reception of light in the eyes. One of the suggestions to help prevention was to write at my desk wearing my polarized sunglasses. The decrease isn’t enough to be consciously perceptible, but the brain notices and it sort of removes the “magic motion” of words and letters appearing on the screen.

I’m trying that. It seems much more sound than putting warm urine in my ear or tying an onion to my face. I’m on time limits for writing and my computer in general. I’ve set up a timer on my computer to help me control my usage, especially since if I get wrapped up in a book I lose track of time.

And that is all I know until I see the specialist. They are supposed to call me today to set up the appointment… now we wait.

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