Ear Tubes

As a child, I had tonsillitis every time the wind blew the wrong way. As a teen, I continued the trend and started getting serious sinus infections. What I didn’t have trouble with is my ears. I never needed ear tubes and I don’t remember many ear infections that weren’t the result of Swimmer’s Ear.

I’ve now had a “middle ear infection” for 13 days. And I’ve been having ear issues for 5 months. I don’t know much about ears, I understand how vertigo works because my mom has 3 or 4 types and I experience it with migraines and sometimes car rides (especially if I haven’t eaten).

I think I need tubes. After much reading I believe the problem is Eustachian tube dysfunction. However, my reading exposed that there are a lot of “home remedies and old wives’ tales associated with ear infections.

For example, I read an article about how ear problems can be solved by eating more garlic. I eat a ton of garlic, if that was the solution, I would not be having ear problems. Another suggested pouring warm olive oil infused with garlic and ginger in my ear. Yet another suggested warmed whiskey in the ear. And since we are on whiskey another said to rub down the face on the side of the ear infection with warm whiskey and peppermint oil. My favorite 2 were: 1) take shots of warmed peppermint schnapps and 2) cut an onion and tie to the side of the face near the infected ear.

However, garlic, ginger, and onion all have either antibiotic or antiseptic properties (I can’t remember this morning which and I am feeling too lazy to go Google it). I know before antibiotics it was common to peel a clove of garlic and stick it in the ear to treat ear pain and infections.

With my ear canal and ear drum seemingly fine, I am getting desperate to solve the inner ear problem so I can return to a normal life and start using my computer again.

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