Things I Would Like To Be Doing

My ear is still a problem. I am so over it. I’ve finished the augmentin, but I’m still having issues with vertigo and occasional, sudden, sharp ear pains. Especially when I eat.

Krissy finished editing The Dysfunctional Expansion, but I can’t work on it. I can’t write or play video games the “illusion” of movement makes me feel off. I also can’t watch TV for very long or watch my hook when I crochet. I can’t move my head around “a lot” and expressive gestures like nodding my head triggers vertigo.

I have listened to 12 audiobooks these past 10 or 12 days as a result. I really liked The Institute by Stephen King, it’s going to be one of my favorites by him.

I finished Kilian’s baby blanket. But then I tried a spa washcloth and since it isn’t a stitch I use often, I found myself feeling sick because I was watching my hook all the time.

I’ve never had an ear infection like this. My ear is constantly popping, I have tinnitus, it doesn’t “hurt” but it feels pressurized most of the time and sometimes it feels like there are bubbles behind my ear drum. My hearing also goes in and out. Sometimes, I hear fine, other times it sounds like I’m listening to the world through cotton. The vertigo is the worst of it though.

I see my primary care doctor the 20th. I am hoping he can do something for me beyond referring me to a different ENT. Last October when I was having ear problems similar to this, my ENT told me I was too old to have a blocked Eustachian tube, another doctor told me that was silly, it can happen at any age… so I think I need to give up on my 70 year old ENT and get a new one.

I have to get better. I have books to write, covers to order, and editing to get done. This whole week without even booting my laptop has been miserable. Turns out I don’t know what to do with myself when I can’t work.

And that is all I can handle today folks. Hopefully, I’ll have better news later this week.

Kilian’s baby blanket (and the first one I have ever made)

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