Taking Days Off

Since I still had the sinus infection from January, the doctor told me to take some more time off while on yet another round of antibiotics to see if I could finally get rid of it.

And I feel lousy enough that I’m going to do it. As I type this my head is beginning to throw over my eyes. Yay sinus migraine.

My right side sinus passages are so inflamed my face is visibly swollen. When I chew it feels like someone is sticking an ice pick in my ear. And I get vertigo if I move my head just wrong. Krissy my editor is dealing with fluid in her ears, I don’t have fluid, instead I have a middle ear infection and my Eustachian tube is once again blocked.

I’m taking antibiotics, steroids, meclazine as a preventative for vertigo along as a rescue for it, and cold medicine. All I want to do is sleep.

I’m hoping I feel better by Monday. But Thursday, she told me it was bad enough it might require the full week of steroids and antibiotics before I start feeling like a human. If I’m not better Monday I’ll reschedule book talk.

And like I sneezed Friday morning and my face throbbed in pain most of the day.

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