Another One

Well, I am going to have to think about another rhinoplasty. Tuesday I felt okay in the morning, but had a sinus headache by afternoon. Woke up Wednesday morning with a sinus migraine and the feeling that the right side of my face was swollen. Turned out it is swollen.

By Wednesday night, I knew what the problem was. Another sinus infection. Sixteen years ago all my sinus passages on the right side were widened. Because my sinuses do not drain well. We also made one sinus cavity smaller.

I’ve been having issues with my right ear since August 2019. Now my third sinus infection in 3 months. Sinus infections happen because irritants stimulate the production of mucus. If the mucus can’t drain, it becomes the perfect medium for viral and bacterial infestations.

For 14 years, I had forgotten what a sinus infection felt like. I had a couple colds, but only 1 or 2 very mild sinus infections. But these last 3 have not been mild… they have required multiple types of antibiotics and lots of extra sleep. And now I remember. Before rhinoplasty I always had a minor sinus infection. I always felt rundown and exhausted and my migraine battle was worse.

The last 3 weeks have felt like that. I’ve battled some migraines and I have felt rundown and exhausted since I finished antibiotics in January for a severe sinus infection. I’m thinking it never went away, it just got slightly better. And the mystery of why I’ve been oversleeping my alarm for 2 weeks and napping nearly every afternoon is solved.

But damn. It was a rough surgery. Although, I think that’s because I was 24 and they took my tonsils out at the same time. I don’t think the repeat will be as bad, but I’m still not looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be necessary. J pointed out recently that I have been sick a lot the last two years. Yeah, I was constantly sick before rhinoplasty in 2004… I can see the parallels.

And so I’m on yet more antibiotics and steroids. As well as meclazine for the vertigo. I will probably sleep a whole lot for a couple of days.

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