A New Standard For Politicians

Everyone keeps sharing memes about how we should oust congress or the president for this or that. I think perhaps we should institute new standards for all elected politicians at both the state and federal levels. I think if you want to run for office, any office beyond your local municipal/county government, you should be required to pass the US Naturalization Exam and your scores should be made public. I say this because the US Naturalization Exam focuses on the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, functions/responsibilities of the government, duties of each branch of the government, and important history of the United States.

I think the problem with politics is that so many politicians have forgotten what they are elected to do and who they serve or they just have no clue what their responsibilities and functions are as elected officials and what the other parts of the US government are supposed to do.

However, if they had to study for the Naturalization exam which consists of an oral interview as well as a written exam, it would force all of them to commit that information to memory and maybe then, when they actually made it into office, they’d do a better job, because they’d know what they were supposed to be doing beyond playing golf and taking vacations.

Releasing the scores to the public would help we the people know if we can trust you to understand and do your job. Because we could see your scores and be like: Candidate A passed with a 71% and Candidate B passed with an 88%. As an added bonus, it would remind political candidates about US laws, so that no one could go “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” as some claimed ignorance in the past when they did something against the law while in office.

If a person can’t pass the exam after X amount of attempts, they should be banned from running for office. Let’s face it, we’ve reached a point where immigrants know and understand the US government, Constitution, and laws than our elected officials, because if they want to become citizens they have to know those things. Time to start requiring our elected representatives to know and understand them as well.

3 thoughts on “A New Standard For Politicians

  1. I agree and I’ll add to that! I think that there should be term limits for all politicians and no re-elections. Change the presidency to 6 years, rather than allowing two 4-year terms. Congress, Senate, etc. should all be subject to similar term limits and no re-election bids. This is most likely not reasonable given how few people want to get into politics but would help to keep the focus on the job they are elected to do, rather than trying to smear the opponent looking to replace them! To that, part of the process or running for office should include a negative campaigning ban. You should only be able to tout your abilities, goals, plans, not trash your opponents. Too many people get elected just by increasing the hate for their opposition.

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