A Writing Update

It’s been a while since I did a writing update, because I’ve been avoiding writing actual books. But with the loss of Avenging, I’m writing my brains out this week. Oddly, not on Avenging. I sat down and started rewriting Avenging and my brain focused in on a different book plot instead: Dysfunctional Dreams.

As of February 2, I’ve been writing on Dysfunctional Dreams for 3 days and it has 27,011 words. But once I release Dysfunctional Expansion in April, I will be unable to release any more Dysfunctional Chronicles until I get Nadine back in her office, and writing part time as a hobby (like most writers); because the next three books I’ve plotted require her to be back at her day job as head of Daniels’ Security.

But since I try not to kill a ton of people in Dysfunctional Chronicles, I can’t get rid of her long distance would-be assassin in a Dysfunctional Chronicle, so it will happen in a Dreams novel instead. It is however shaping up to be like the other Dreams novels, a bit of blood and gore, not cute or funny, but with the addition of Nadine wondering occasionally how this became her life.

And with 3 killer chapters complete, it has taken the same turn as Buried… you (the reader) know details about the killer that the SCTU doesn’t, but you don’t know exactly who it is yet. However, I’ve been very careful to not mention any details from Buried in Dysfunctional Dreams and for that reason, the publishing order is fluid. Since I released Anonymous Dreams in January and am releasing The Dysfunctional Expansion in April, if Dysfunctional Dreams gets written by April, it may release in June. Then Buried can release at Halloween and if I get Avenging rewritten, I can release it towards the end of 2020. That would put Innocent and the unnamed dreams novel (that is 3/4 of the way written) ready for release in 2021 along with a standard style Dysfunctional Chronicle and Nephilim Narrative 4 (3 is written and will release in 2020).

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