Plotting Books

For two Dysfunctional Chronicles, I’ve been trying to figure out how to end Nadine’s forced “work from home” situation without much luck. One night this past week, it snowed during the night. They were big heavy flakes that came down in near white out conditions. So, Lola had issues going down the back stairs. But for two hours, she had paced and pawed at me. I had taken her out the front door, but for whatever reason, that didn’t make her happy and she did nothing and refused to go around to the back gate. Most of the house was awake until 4 am, J finally gave up and got Lola down the backstairs and she pooped. After which, we were all able to go to sleep.

However, during that forced sleeplessness I got the ideal on how to end Nadine’s dilemma. There will be a Dysfunctional Dreams. I ironed out most of the details in the middle of the night and the following morning I got up and plotted it. Unable to get to her, her stalker will turn his attention to her customers… at which point the SCTU will get involved. And while I was plotting, I set out the plot for the next Dysfunctional Chronicle.

I have not started rewriting Avenging Reality (taking a week to get over being angry at it), but if it isn’t done by April 1 I’ll release Buried Dreams in June instead of Avening Reality (giving myself a little more time to work on it). Meaning the loss of Avening is a bummer, but it isn’t a major monkey wrench for my 2020 publishing schedule. I’m currently plotting novels to publish in 2021 at this point. The Juarez Wolf story is nearly written, afterwards, I will probably write Dysfunctional Dreams.

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