Dealing With The Insanity – Sebastian

A coworker asked me how I was handling the Daniels’ and Zeitzev families now that I was marrying into them. Because you know, they are all a bit crazy. So, yes, they are all a bit crazy, all of us are. I don’t think people understand that from the outside looking in, all families appear to be full of lunatics. Melina appears crazier than she really is because you know her best through her daughter and don’t all mothers seem to be crazier than they really are to daughters. If one examined my family, it would appear to be full of lunatics, my mom married a man thirty years older than her who thought he was the second coming. Despite this, both of my parents were smart and accomplished. Melina is the same way; she is smart, accomplished, and braver than most of us will ever know. She’s also a little domineering and overprotective of her children and her nieces. I don’t think that’s crazy, I think that’s to be expected given the life she’s lived. Between Nadine and Melina, I think Nadine is the crazier one.

I say that with affection. Nadine has issues, weird issues. I would expect her to have PTSS or suffer some other trauma symptoms given the man she was raised by. But she doesn’t, instead she’s clumsy as a newborn calf and I have never met anyone that can generate so much static electricity they can kill microwaves and TVs, but those are the issues Nadine has. Oh and dogs that adopt bobcats. But I know those were not the insanity my coworker was talking about. I know they meant the crazy thoughts and actions of Melina and Nadine, because sometimes Nadine does and says things that are shocking and frankly, insane. I don’t know anyone that would offer jobs to their Chechen kidnappers except Nadine. Then again, I don’t know anyone that wants to meet football players simply to see if they have the “I want to help people” vibe as Nadine does.

I’ve also never met someone who can sum up a person as quickly as Nadine can. Zeke says he doesn’t want Nadine to know he’s a psychopath, but I think she knows, I think she’s always known. Except when it comes to love. Antony and I knew Zeke had a thing for her long before she figured it out. It was part of the reason we suggested he ask to stay there. We figured it would either cure it or move them forward together. It didn’t work as we expected, to be sure, but you take what you get and I don’t think we could have planned it any better.

She also has the ability to size up a situation as long as she isn’t directly involved quite quickly. It’s why Daniels’ Security is so successful. Nadine has always been able to figure out when a job requires a skill set or if it’s just a need for someone of immense size to look intimidating. It isn’t a skill anyone else has there and I feel that sometimes, our services suffer as a result now that she’s hands off. Albeit, Mitch is fairly good at keeping her in the loop, even though she’s just an observer for now.

It is impossible to be with Alex and not also be with Nadine, Kenzie, and Melina. I knew that coming into the relationship. There have been jokes that Nadine, Alex, and Kenzie are the Three Musketeers, I don’t think they realize how accurate that is. Nadine helps Alex think outside the box. And Alex helps keep Nadine grounded. And Kenzie, well Kenzie’s fearless and it makes the other two braver. And even though they might tease each other, the truth is, when one of them needs backup, there is no one better to have it, because they are better together. I don’t see it as insanity, I see it as family and friendships and they are always complicated and messy. If they aren’t perhaps you aren’t real friends, because you prevent the other person from knowing all of you and your life.

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