The Point of a Backup!?

*****This post might contain swearing. I’ve waited a day to make the announcement in the hopes that I would get it under control, but my blood pressure started to raise as soon as I started typing the title… so you know. Of course, by the time you get to the end, you might be swearing a bit too.

Last Thursday, I went back to work on Avenging Reality. I had decided shortly after releasing Anonymous Dreams that I didn’t like it. I rewrote the story most of the day, bringing Avenging Reality up to 78,000+ words. I deleted substantial amounts and added substantial amounts of words… just another day of rewrites for an author.

I have my system setup to do automatic backups on Friday nights at 9pm of my stories. It backs up to three locations: OneDrive, Dropbox, and an external hard drive. Because backing up is important.

Sunday night, I decided I wanted to rewrite the last two lines of Shots Fired. I opened the file. It was completely empty. WTF? So, I grabbed one of the cloud backups and got an error message about a corrupt file. Uh, what? So I grabbed the other cloud backup… empty. Now, I’m starting to worry. I grab the final backup. Empty.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

I grab the export I did of it in May 2019. It has words! 25,000 of them. A total of 2 stories, one of which is Shots Fired, which has been completely rewritten and the start of a story on human trafficking that involves Malachi that I also rewrote. Well, this is just fan-fucking-tastic.

The lesson is, my current backup system needs work. If I did backups on different days to different places, I would have a good copy. Also, if I exported my books like I know I should as soon as I finish them, I’d have a good copy.

But I didn’t do those things and now I have to rewrite Avenging, but for a week, I’m going to be pissed off about it. I guess it’s a good thing I decided to wait until June to publish it.

4 thoughts on “The Point of a Backup!?

  1. Lord Love a Duck,
    Mother board on laptop fritzed.. I thought I wrote the original on old desk top untouched for 8 yrs.. it’s hard drive is costing 1,300 to professionally recover what ever work it has and no clue if it will recover what I need. Have a notebook with printouts of most everything then found the Essay All Dogs go to Heaven but this one came from Heaven, quite literally the story of how the love of a Rottweiler kept me from killing my family. My Family didn’t know for 15+ years how close I had been to that. Shows you don’t take just any med a Dr says take…Prozac was new and everybody was being put on it I said I don’t need it Son’s Back up Dr. insisted. Nearly killing the ones I loved most. Found out what drug induced Manic/Depression feels like especially a suicidal one. So Critical pages of a story that is closest to my heart.. and well Thank God I have thumb drive back ups right ? Aparently Not. Found My Ex Husbands internet PORN, Not My Story .thank fully he died from drinking after our Divorce.
    When lap top started having it’s little pissy fit. So just blew another 1,900 on new computer system ( printer, rollerball mouse etc…) Then looked at those lovely thumb drives…cause I have owned two external hard drives and neither one would work as easy as claimed.. those thumb drives in their little case, sure everything would be just fine… yea as a Christmas Turkey dropped in a deep fryer next to a wood garage and a huge elm tree branching over your neighbors and your house and >>WHY ON EARTH SHOULD THE BIRD NEED THAWING ??? the dumb bell I had been marred too fussed as he turned the hose on it all …. being on the phone with the fire department when the whoosh could be heard inside….My God GET HERE..BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO FRY HIM !!!!
    Thank fully the neighbors house made it thru , we did have to replace one of those little barn like sheds but I was fine with that,..the Blue Plastic Siding on that side of our,well technically his and his moms, and our Garage not pretty and not covered because he forgot the bill.. .And people wonder why I divorced him just for drinking beer, not like it was the hard stuff. but after 2 rehabs teaching him toileting and walkers was not doing it third time.. you silly B*tch when he drinks it by the case I can water down a bottle ..I honestly thought I was the only one stuck on the wrong calendar with all those Fridays the 13th spread thru… Finding his PORN COLLECTION had me thanking God he was no longer my Husband and he’d drank himself to death cause had he still been living I would be an inmate at the prison I used to be a nurse at. So typing all of it into the computer and the one thumb drive had the one page essays..
    And sorry no that was not a story but one of the last straws on a marriage I should have left a heck of a lot of years before I did….
    Did something happen to the computer itself?? Dropped, surge bar failure? Had the pups unplugged something? A storm roll thru? I mean you do this all the time, what could caused All systems to break down?? and rewrite ?
    Honey with the holes in my brain from MS I couldn’t remember the story enough to retell it the way Mom said it was Perfect.. I am the idiot that did a 60,000+ novel with no outline and no clue how to end it just to make two old ladies happy , emailed to my Aunt, reply would be What’s Next?? I would laugh and say I don’t know I will think of something… while Mom give her the print out and across the top ROUGH DRAFT, and get it back in two days with red pencil corrections all over it, spelling , grammer and punctuatiion.. nothing was safe..Mom had been a English teacher while waiting to get into her masters program.. I am just thankfully she didn’t grade it…She just made me promise to get it published.. yea Mom, no pressure…

    I can not begin to try to understand how you can do a rewrite..I can’t I know that.. my son could probably tell you that you may need a new computer or a cord wasn’t connected least try to figure out what happened, but most days he forgets I exist.. I can only say I am sorry and hope the new book is twice as good I do recommend thumb drives.. they kept things that made me wanna burn out my eyes when I opened four…

    good luck, god watch over the new copy with bells ad whistles..
    Teresa aka hopefully, Della Jill Montgomery soon…


  2. You did everything right. What software are you using to do your backups? I was in charge of backups for way too many years in my job as a Network engineer, I’m happy to help you if you’d like.

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