Marrying Kenzie – Antony Engeljager

I didn’t intend to fall in love with a psychopath. But shit and life happens. I won’t lie and tell you it was love at first sight or even that I loved Kenzie long before we got together. I didn’t. I didn’t love her from afar, I didn’t pine from her. Ours is not a love story for the ages. I will say I knew she was a psychopath before our one night stand that resulted in my first daughter being born and the secret wedding that would also take place before she was born. Kenzie was sixteen when I met her for the first time. She was mature for her age, but she’d already lost her father and her mother would die shortly there after. Melina asked me to look out for Kenzie as I was Nadine, because Kenzie’s father had pissed off the IRA an organization every bit as dangerous as the Russian Mafia. So, how did this happen?

I’m fourteen years older than Kenzie. She blossomed into a strong, smart, pretty young woman with serious issues. A total no go for me. But despite the opinion that dating is easier for men, it’s not easier when you work for Nadine Daniels. My relationship with the Daniels, Zeitzevs, and Reynolds has always been mostly professional. But they also became family to me and that is hard for most people; male and female to understand. Add to it that I’m a former Stasi officer and NVA army officer and well, most people even Americans are horrified by my past. Americans especially don’t understand that we didn’t have choices in East Germany like they have here. We were given aptitude and IQ tests as children and our careers were mostly decided for us. I didn’t have a choice on becoming a soldier or a Stasi officer, the government made those decisions for me and my family. I could have defected, but realistically that was almost as certain a death sentence for my family as not following government orders. However, because the Zeitzev family was born behind the Iron Curtain, Melina understood and she made sure her children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren all understood too. And so, I an orphan of the DDR, was welcomed by the Zeitzevs and Daniels and eventually accepted as a part of life by Kenzie too, who was also an orphan.

Married and divorced five times, Kenzie was searching for something she couldn’t attain in life. I don’t know what, but she says she finally has it. I think it was a replacement family. But it started with a few alcoholic beverages, god help me. It was one of Daniels’ Security’s company parties. Food and adult beverages were free and meant to be indulged in. And Kenzie was a contractor with Daniels’ Security was invited and indulged, as did I. And then we over indulged. We are both consenting adults, not hopped up college kids struggling to find our place in the grand scheme of things, but it is still slightly embarrassing. Kenzie and I were both single and had been for a while. Nadine says it makes sense that we would fall into bed together. Melina says it was fate. I don’t know that I believe either of them. I think it was the whiskey shots Kenzie and I were doing. One thing led to another, we shared an Uber. And when we got to my house which was closer than her apartment, she asked to come in for a nightcap and I agreed. Neither of us needed a nightcap to be sure, but you know. And so we had sex and agreed in the morning to never talk about it again, not because it was bad but because we had just acted like hormone driven teens, despite being middle aged.

And we didn’t discuss it for six weeks. And at six weeks Kenzie stepped into my office at the Security office one day and said “I think we have an issue, I’m late.”

It took me a while to get the meaning of that sentence. Late for what and why did you stop here to tell me about it instead of being on time for whatever appointment you’re late for. Another week passed and then she called me over. She wanted me there when she took the test so that if it came up positive we could discuss our options. I was sure it wouldn’t. And then the plus sign appeared on the stick. Wow, I’m fifty-seven years old and I’m going to have a kid? I liked Kenzie and I loved her, but it wasn’t romantic love, she was like family. She ran down a list of options and then said “Or we can try raising the baby together.” Huh, what would that mean? We discussed that option. Did we even like each other? Could we date? Could we raise a child together? The answer was a big fat I don’t know to all of those. I liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea just because I liked the idea or if I was actually thinking of a future with Kenzie. I did know the two were very different things though and what about Kenzie? She’s a psychopath, could she love me? Could she overcome her need to replace her parents and stick with me?

We secretly dated for five months, by which time Melina had figured out Kenzie was pregnant even though she wasn’t showing. That woman is capable of witchcraft I think. And when Kenzie did start showing, well I was in love by then. And Kenzie said she was too. Although, I admit I was still unsure about that, since Kenzie seems to fall in love so often. We met for lunch and then decided to get married at the court house. Nothing fancy, no one there really, we enlisted Lucas and Trevor to be our witnesses and had a very low key wedding. The abuse and Couvade’s was worth it. Kenzie’s ability to hide her psychopathic tendencies was erased during her pregnancy. It was then I realized just how strong of a woman she is, both physically and mentally. Which suits me. I don’t believe I’d be happy with a submissive low key wife. I think I need a wife who will argue, stand up for herself, and occasionally chuck a plate at me when I’m being an asshole.

I told you it wasn’t romantic and it wasn’t a love story for the ages. But if you want those sorts of things, you need to read books with Fabio on the cover, not crosshairs. Our lives are more real; we are people who have problems, get into arguments, and occasionally deal with mobsters and serial killers. It doesn’t leave much room for romance. Of course, for our one year anniversary, Melina has arranged something romantic. She’s set up a vacation for us to renew our vows with Zeke, Nadine, Alex, and Sebastian in the Caribbean. Kenzie is suddenly a baby factory, so she’ll be pregnant again on the trip and I’ll be five weeks out from a vasectomy, but that’s okay – this one is a boy and we are done. Life turns out the way it’s supposed to, unless you throw monkey wrenches into it or dare the universe to challenge you.

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