Release Update!

Anonymous Dreams has released! It is book 16 in the D&R series.

Amazon and all it’s individual stores (Amazon UK/Canada/Australia/Etc).

Google Play


Nook (Barnes & Noble)



D&R Books in order

  1. Tortured Dreams
  2. Elysium Dreams
  3. Mercurial Dreams
  4. Explosive Dreams
  5. Cannibal Dreams
  6. Butchered Dreams
  7. Triggered Reality
  8. Summoned Dreams
  9. Battered Dreams
  10. Belladonna Dreams
  11. Mutilated Dreams
  12. Fortified Dreams
  13. Flawless Dreams
  14. Demonic Dreams
  15. Ritual Dreams
  16. Anonymous Dreams

The Dysfunctional Chronicles and D&R are related, but are not the same series (Dysfunctional is a crime comedy series and not nearly as dark as D&R). Occasionally; characters from one series shows up in the other, as they take place in the same universe at the same time. For example, Daniels’ Security shows up in Fortified Dreams and Nadine’s father shows up in Triggered Reality. Then, Aislinn Cain and the SCTU show up in The Dysfunctional Wedding. They cross over again in Anonymous Dreams (Alex is in Anonymous, as is Alex and Nadine’s cousin Valentina and then Ace will show up again in The Dysfunctional Expansion).

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