Yes, Anonymous Dreams really is Book 16

I recently learned that a large number of my dedicated D&R readers had not read Triggered Reality, because they didn’t realize it was part of the Dreams & Reality series.

And so, when I published Anonymous Dreams I gave it book number 16. It is Dreams book 15, but it is D&R book 16 because Triggered Reality has been published. Before the end of the month, the entire series will be renumbered. I believe Triggered Reality is going to become book 7, wedging it between Butchered Dreams and Summoned Dreams. This will make Summoned book 8, Battered 9, Belladonna 10, Mutilated 11, Fortified 12, Flawless 13, Demonic 14, Ritual 15 and Anonymous 16. Avenging Reality will be book 17 in the series.

For the record, Anonymous Dreams is available on Amazon & Google Play. Most likely it will be tomorrow before it is available on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and the others. They are usually a little slower than Google and Amazon when it comes to publishing. Paperbacks normally take 2 or 3 days longer than Kindle ebooks.

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