5 Days of Sleep

The 14th of January, J left for Vegas and I went to the doctor for the sinus infection…

I was put on Delsym cough syrup and Benadryl, plus augmentin. I was told to take the Benadryl and Delsym for 5 days, augmentin for 10. I was also told I should consider having my rhinoplasty redone, because my sinus infection was really bad.

I was told to take the time to rest up, so that I wouldn’t relapse and get it again as soon as I finished the antibiotics.

And so for five days, I have slept a lot and done very little else. I’m feeling better, although there is still some drainage happening. And J has really enjoyed his first trip to Vegas. As have I. Spending 5 days sleeping is a lot easier when your partner isn’t waking you up to tell you how loudly you are snoring.

But my days of rest are over and today, I begin the formidable task of putting together Anonymous Dreams for publication.

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