On Saturday, January 11, 2020 the sinus infection I’d been battling got much, much worse. I’ve been in bed 15+ hours a day since Saturday afternoon.

I have taken off all week. I have literally done nothing except watch TV or listen to true crime podcasts since Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, yesterday marked the last of the completed character blog posts…. to date.

Never fear, there are more to come this month. I have a sinus infection like the ones I used to get before I had rhinoplasty in February 2004. It comes complete with sinus migraine that makes me queasy, an inability to taste anything not extra salty, and a need to sleep a ton.

I’m not working this week. But by Sunday the 19th, the antibiotics I’m on should have me good and mended and a few days out of bed should have my body close to being back into the writer’s frame of mind.

I look for Anonymous Dreams to publish the 20th or 21st of this month. Which is why I decided to take my doctor’s advice and take the week off to recover both mentally and physically.

Before rhinoplasty, I had relapsing chronic sinus infections. Which means, I’d take antibiotics and be about over it when bam it would be back with a vengeance. Which is why I decided to follow orders and take the week off. It’s really hard to focus when you have a sinus migraine.

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