Becoming SCTU Leader

For the record, the reason the SCTU is housed under the purview of the US Marshals is because they have the broadest arrest powers of any federal law enforcement agency, including the Secret Service. Their elite force until the late 1980s were their Fugitive Apprehension Strike Teams. In 1986, US Marshal Nathan Green got the first Serial Crimes Tracking Unit up and running, under a much narrower scope of powers than what they have now, but they were still US Marshals and had all the power and authority that goes with being a US Marshal. The first expansion of powers happened in 1992, after the entire first SCTU was taken out by a bomb. A second expansion of the SCTU’s powers came in 2004 when the Clachan Act was passed. Nyleena would need to explain the Serial Killer and Mass Murderer Laws that made the SCTU possible and the Clachan Act of 2003 that expanded their powers. I know the history, not the legal ins and outs of both acts. However, you need a little more understanding of the history of the SCTU to understand my job before I became Aislinn Cain’s superior and what I did for the FBI.

The FBI and US Marshals have always had a bit of a rivalry. The Marshals are a much older organization and as I said, they have the most power among federal law enforcement. At times, people have wanted to dismantle the US Marshals because they thought they were too powerful. Hoover wanted the Marshals gone after he took over the FBI.

For the first half a decade I was an FBI agent, I was on the FBI’s version of a Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team, called a Fugitive Recovery Team. I was promoted to lead my own team and then I was demoted after my wife shot me and I refused to press charges. I know that sounds crazy, but there are a lot of politics that comes with being an FBI agent and my wife is FBI royalty. Her grandfather and her father both served as Assistant Directors of the FBI at different times. However, being an FBI agent on a Fugitive Recovery Team is not as glamorous as being on a US Marshal Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team. My demotion made me a liaison. I was in charge of working with Local Law Enforcement as well as other federal agencies. I was stationed in Springfield, Illinois when the SCTU showed up in Chicago. I’d worked with them a few times before, so I was told to get my ass to Chicago and run point on a task force of the FBI, Chicago Police, and the SCTU. Yeah, right. Aislinn is not the first psychopath to work for the SCTU. And Marshal Alejandro Gui was extra difficult and everyone knew it.

I didn’t know it was a test. I knew the US Marshals had been sniffing around, but I thought they wanted me to run a FAS Team. It is not usual for the one federal agency to poach from another. It happens usually when there’s a special skill set desired or when there’s a personal request for a transfer. But it isn’t easy. I would have to pass all the Marshals exams. Usually, if the Marshals poach it’s because they want someone specific for WitSec. I didn’t know jack about protecting witnesses, so I couldn’t believe the Marshals wanted me to work WitSec.I never considered they might want me for the SCTU, I wasn’t a profiler and I didn’t chase serial killers except by accident. As liaison between the SCTU, FBI, and local law enforcement, part of my job included filing incident reports. Or to call a spade a spade, part of my job as FBI liaison to the SCTU was to spy and report on the behavior of the SCTU members.

Even if Gui hadn’t received a career ending injury, his career was over the moment he kicked down Aislinn Cain’s hotel room door. I had reported it, not to the FBI, but to the governing board of the SCTU. You should know the SCTU is governed by the US Marshals, National Security Agency, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency. This was done, because the US Marshals were willing to take only partial responsibility for a unit of psychopaths with badges. Nathan Green’s original vision had all five members of the SCTU as high functioning psychopaths. He and everyone else abandoned the idea pretty quickly, realizing it was extremely difficult getting psychopaths to play nicely with each other. Although, the first two teams were made up of nothing but people who couldn’t pass law enforcement mental health exams. The first team died in a bombing. The second team ended up getting dosed with magic mushrooms and killing each other. In 2005 the third and last team was assembled. If they couldn’t make that one work, the idea would have been scrapped altogether. They filled it with a few good men, literally, they searched the armed forces for its members. So far, only 3 members of any SCT Unit has ever retired, including Gui, the rest are dead. McMichaels and Reece were poached together. Nathan had his eye on them before they finished college and joined the FBI. They were FBI for less than a month before Nathan swooped in and gave them jobs with the SCTU. That was 2009.

After I reported Gui for kicking down Aislinn Cain’s door, there was talk of giving the team to her. The remaining members; Lucas, Xavier, and Michael were okay with it. It was Cain that turned it down. She didn’t want it. She was too new. She had a long list of reasons why she couldn’t take over a serial crimes tracking unit, which was weird, because that was exactly the role everyone wanted her to have. And so, they came to me. I had gotten along with Cain and she was their darling. I’d been told she was groomed for the unit, even if she didn’t know it. And so, if I could work with her, the job was mine. I’d be a figure head really, at first she’d let me lead because she didn’t think she was ready to do it, but eventually, I’d be relegated to a less important role by her and the other members. Since, I did have a death wish, I accepted.

When I came to the SCTU, I’d been contemplating suicide a lot. My wife was in a looney bin. My kids hated me and blamed me for their mother’s condition. I hated the FBI and had lost faith in the system and what I did. Life expectancy for an SCTU member was three years. If nothing else, it would be an interesting three years was my thought. As you know, that was six years ago. I’m still the unit leader. Ace is my second in command. And my desire to die has lessened. I won’t say it’s disappeared. I still battle some demons, especially when it comes to my biological family. But even those relationships have gotten better. My kids are nearly adults and figured out for themselves that their mother is over the edge and it has nothing to do with me. But my wife is a post for a different day. And my faith was restored in the system and what I do. For perhaps the first time, I feel like I make a difference. I would love to catch about ten serial killers a month, but we average two, simply because it’s hard work catching serial killers.
For what it’s worth, Xavier and Lucas had been with the SCTU nearly three years when I joined. Life expectancy has gone up and we can’t explain why. Lucas and Xavier will be celebrating a decade with the SCTU soon and considering Xavier’s condition, he definitely shouldn’t have lived this long. Some believe it’s Ace. Some think it’s me. I’m the first non-psychopath to run an SCT Unit. I don’t think it’s a single person. I think it’s because we have solidified as a team. After losing Michael and nearly losing Xavier, we all became very close, beyond coworkers to friends and from there to family. When the FGN was being rebuilt, Peter West asked if we wanted to live further apart, but I told him I thought it helped us. Living next door to each other is a constant reminder of what happens when we make mistakes, it helps with our cohesion.

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