The Child

Aislinn has agreed to give Lucas and I a child. I am so excited I could wet myself. She is a gorgeous woman and will give us beautiful babies. Well, if we can get her to agree to let us use her eggs more than once. I’m not fooled that this is an act of generosity on her part, she is just as curious about seeing her genes passed along as anyone else and this is the perfect situation, she can pass them along, see them grow, and not be responsible for loving or caring for the child. I’ve been told Donnelly loved children. I’m still getting used to the differences between psychopaths. I’ve never really dealt with them, beyond the evil serial killer type. Although, between you and me, I hope to become more intimately involved with a psychopath. Lucas is hoping for a girl.  I would love to have a little girl, but a little girl removes the possibility that our child will be a psychopath. I know, I shouldn’t want a psychopathic child, but I do.  Let me rephrase that, I want a psychopathic child that grows up to be like its mother. But the only way to get that is to have a boy and I’m just not sure what kind of boy Aislinn’s genes will produce, especially combined with Lucas’s.  And because of Lucas’s metabolic issues, we are considering using my sperm.  I’m just not sure what sort of child Aislinn and I will produce.  It won’t be nearly as cute as Lucas and Aislinn’s.  When Xavier realized we weren’t sure which sperm to use, he volunteered his own.  Which was nice, but a little weird.  I mean we have two perfectly viable semen providers here; do we need Xavier’s?  Xavier and Ace would create beautiful babies though.  His dark, rugged looks combined with her delicate features would make a beautiful child. And an even more beautiful adult. Lucas got on to me for thinking that way.  If we are talking about beautiful babies as one of our factors of producing children, then we should rightly use Malachi’s sperm.  Which would give me the psychopathic female child I would love to have.  But Malachi isn’t beautiful.  He’s attractive and tall, but he isn’t beautiful.  Most of his appeal is his charm.  Xavier and Lucas are both beautiful men.  I do not have beauty genes.  My sister is basically a man with lady bits.  She is ugly.  And she is pudgy like me, but we’ve been told she is perfect as a surrogate. We have plenty of handsome men in our lives, but only a couple are beautiful.  One of them is Caleb.  I had considered asking him, but I feel watching his and Aislinn’s child grow up would be torture for him.  He loves her. Not as Malachi loves her, which is basically just extreme lust because he can’t have her.  No, Caleb loves her the way I love Lucas.  I see it once in a while on his face.  He instantly begins to smile when she walks into a room.  Her presence makes him happy and it’s clear for everyone to see.  I have wondered if Caleb would be capable of having a relationship with Ace like Lucas and I have.  Romantic, but not sexual.  At any rate, we only have three beautiful men; Xavier, Lucas, and Caleb and all of them are genetically dysfunctional.  Lucas says I am worrying too much about the child’s looks.  But life is easier for beautiful people, whether he realizes it or not.  But when one has the freedom to choose as he and I do, why not aim for a beautiful child? A beautiful psychopathic female child is what I really want.  A little girl who can beat up the mean boys, wear pink frilly dresses, and generally stop traffic.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask. However, I will love whatever child we get. Regardless of their looks or whose eggs and sperm are combined to create it.  Regardless of gender.  Oh, Zeke and Ace would create beautiful babies.  Oh, I know, that’s impossible, even if he wasn’t married to Nadine.  But I can fantasize about it. Our doctor has suggested we use my sperm. The genetic make-up will be fairly close to our surrogate that way, which apparently helps with carrying the child. Although, Nyleena did offer to surrogate for us if my sister didn’t.  And because we don’t know if Lucas’s condition is hereditary or not, my sperm is less likely to create a child who endures a life a pain.  He thinks it is.  Xavier disagrees.  I tend to trust Xavier on it.  Xavier has studied all six people that have it and calls it a “missing gene mutation”. I don’t totally understand it, but apparently, they are missing both base pairs for creating fat.  Since Ace has both base pairs, Xavier says there is almost no way to pass it along to a child, because the kid will get at least one of them from Ace. I haven’t pointed out that he promised Ace to use his own sperm for the child, not that I think she would care if we used mine, Lucas’s, or Xavier’s for that matter.  I think the only way she would care is if we told her we were using Malachi’s.  I had an artist draw up a couple of sketches of what children could possibly look like combining my features or Lucas’s with Ace as the mother.  And then, because he didn’t charge me extra, I had him draw up some with Xavier and Ace. My genes combined with Ace’s aren’t hideous monsters, but my family is prone to being overweight, hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia both run in my family.  The very opposite of Lucas.  We have one more week to figure it out. Just one more.  Lucas has those sketches in his home office, framed on his desk.  I’ve been a little chubby all my life.  I was shocked when Lucas wanted to date me, even more shocked when he asked me to marry him.  I regret not taking his last name, but at the time of our marriage, it had only just been legalized and I worried about what it would do to his career.  Lucas had no such qualms.  He offered to change his last name to mine.  We’re glad we waited now though. Whoever is the sperm donor will determine whose last name gets changed, so that the family has the exact same last name.  It’s strange how 7 days can feel like an eternity and like it’s flying by.  We discuss it every night.  He has his reasons for waiting to use my sperm and I have my reasons for wanting to use his and they go beyond beautiful babies.  He has stronger genes than I do, childbearing has always been a struggle in my family.  We’ve both had to provide samples already and he is the better donor based on volume and strength of his sperm.  The entire process has been more consuming than I expected.  Emotionally, physically, and mentally.  For some reason, I thought one of us would go in, deposit into a cup and that would be the end of it.  I knew it would be more work for Ace.  She’s crazier than normal on hormones, but more human as well.  My sister is also weird on hormones.  She moved in this past week, she’s been getting hormone treatments as well, to prepare her body for the pregnancy.  We’ve been told not to be surprised if the first implantation fails, it isn’t uncommon.  Which is why they fertilize so many eggs and freeze the embryos.  If it fails, they’ll try again in a few weeks they said.  My sister will live with us through it all. The nice part of having a spinster sister I suppose, although she’s barely thirty-two, so I guess calling her a spinster is cruel.  She could still find someone.  But she does say she doesn’t want to find someone so who knows. 

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