Xavier gave you two entries, regarding the DNA of psychopaths. It’s fascinating and important. I’m not here to minimize that. I’m here to put it into perspective. Psychopaths have a variety of 92 genes and must have 1 control gene. 93 base pairs out of millions in every cell of the human body. Psychopaths share fewer genes with each other than I share with polar bears. That doesn’t mean the discovery isn’t important, it is so important, especially the identification of psychopathic and sociopathic genes. But it fails to take something into account. There are more than 8 billion people on this planet. Every single one of them has some dysfunction with their DNA. Maybe it’s autoimmune like lupus or perhaps it’s a hypoactive thyroid that causes them to be obese regardless of their diet. They can just look at food and gain a pound because their metabolism is so slow.

Xavier has Von Willebrand, he could bleed to death from a shaving cut. Aislinn has had her carotid artery torn and didn’t even need a transfusion and they weren’t sure what to do about it, because not only had Xavier cauterized it, but it had scabbed over as well and why open an injury that could cause someone to bleed to death if you don’t absolutely need to.

If I had a penny for every time, I’d been accused of using steroids, I could buy Microsoft and have enough left over to buy Amazon. I have a rare metabolic myopathy. So far, I’m one of six people in the world who have been found to have it. Xavier jokingly calls it Incredible Hulk syndrome. My body doesn’t produce fat like it should. It’s why I’m so lean. Add to it that I get an endorphin rush from working out (most people do) that I’m addicted to and well, I make most Mr. Universe candidates green with envy.

There are serious side effects to not producing enough fat. My internal organs are easily bruised, even by normal everyday stuff, because they only have muscle to protect them. By the time I’m sixty, my kidneys will be failing, because they require fat to function. And if I don’t eat regularly, my body has no choice but to start metabolizing muscle, because I don’t have fat stores to feed my system. This is why my kidneys are being damaged and I can suffer several muscle pains from skipping even one or two meals, because I literally have no fat for my body to steal calories from when it needs extra fuel.

Which is why, even when hunting serial killers, we don’t skip meals. I may not have the energy or the brain power for my body to function if we do. It’s also why I eat so much. I need my food to take a long time to digest. Not just the normal 8-12 hours, but I need to make sure my final meal of the night, does not leave my body searching for calories as I sleep or it will start consuming my muscles and wake me up in excruciating pain.

Why has this happened? Because every time someone conceives a child, billions of cells begin to copy themselves and then assign those cells jobs. But if there’s a glitch in any of those first dozen cells, well, the rest of the cells from conception to death, are copies of those glitched cells.

Those 93 genes though, especially that last one on the X chromosome could help us in the future to fix some of these damaged cells. Somehow that A to T base pair on the X chromosome prevents things like Von Willebrand from letting its body die from a shaving cut. And perhaps, a person would only need that one control gene. Perhaps if I had that A to T base pair at gene 14,091 on the X chromosome, would mean my body would go from 3% body fat to 7%. Maybe I wouldn’t look like I was juicing all the time. And what about the other 92 genes? Are they actually necessary for that gene 14,091 to overcome the other genetic issues?

Malachi should be dying. He’s over forty and he has Marfan’s Syndrome a form of giantism that also prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. It is excessively hard on the body. Abraham Lincoln probably had it and if Sherlock Holmes was based on a real person, he also had it. That’s the kind of body Malachi has. He’s tall, gaunt, overly thin for his height, but he is at least 12% body fat and he has to work out to build muscle, although even if he doesn’t, he’ll probably never be overweight, let alone obese.

But Malachi doesn’t have all 93 psychopath genes. He has 82 of them, plus the specific base pair at location 14,091 on his X chromosome. And aside from the visual effects of Marfin’s, being exceptionally tall at six feet, 10 inches, and unusually thin, but muscular, he has none of the negative side effects of his Marfan’s Syndrome. Aislinn should require blood thinners and regular blood lettings with leeches because her platelet count is so freaking high and because they work so exceptionally well. They have the benefits, without the bits that kill you. But both should be fatal diseases, fatal diseases that cause them to die young.

Isabella Stuart has Lupus… well, she should have lupus. All her blood work though says she doesn’t and she has no complaints that would indicate her own immune system is attacking her body as if it were a viral interloper that needs to be slaughtered. My condition is hereditary, but recessive. Aislinn’s genes were thoroughly scanned and any child we produce should not have this problem. But if it’s a girl, it will carry one of the base pairs for psychopathology at 14,091. I do not carry that base pair. Our child won’t be a psychopath, but it will be a carrier of it. And Xavier is wondering if carriers are less affected, but still mildly affected. Myrna Clachan carries the heterozygous (mismatched base pair) of 14,091. Unfortunately, Xavier has found no diseases or disorders within her chromosomes or genes that we could test to see if the heterozygous base pair prevents the disease from being as intense.

Which is where Daniels’ Security comes in. We have the genome of every employee and a couple dozen of the females are heterozygous like Myrna. Including Alex Zeitzev. Whoever, Alex’s father is, he’s a psychopath, which Alex said was probably correct given her mother’s taste in men. Unfortunately, like Myrna, Alex seems to be free of common issues like autoimmune disorders.

But wouldn’t it be something if the we could find a way to use that control gene to help treat genetic diseases and disorders? Interesting and terrifying. Which makes me agree with Xavier, the world isn’t ready for the map of the psychopathic genome. Yes, that control gene might be useful for millions, but it might also mean devastation and destruction as mad men strive to create their own perfect psychopathic armies. And what if we’re wrong? We only understand about 20% of the human genome. Yes, those 93 genes are incredibly important, but we might be missing something. Perhaps there’s still a conflagration of other genes we haven’t noticed yet that are also present in psychopaths and it’s this grouping that prevents them from reacting to diseases and disorders the way the normal person does.

What if the answer is in those thousands of genes we all share with polar bears and not the 93 genes Xavier has identified? What if people with blue eyes are more likely to be low functioning psychopaths? It is unlikely, but not impossible. We’ve only recently started to really figure out how eye color genes work. We used to think it was pretty cut and dry, one gene controlled it all. But the birth of blue eyed children to brown eyed parents have proven us to be wrong, especially as paternity tests become less expensive and easier to do. In the mid-2000s, we realized there were twelve genes that influenced eye color. By 2019, we know there are 21 of them. Imagine what we’ll know in 2030 about something as simple as eye color genetics? And psychopathology is physical as well as emotional.

Xavier wants to keep the discovery underwraps and all of those who know about it agree. The problem is, that if we share it to one research facility, it will spread to other research facilities and then to the general public and then to those that would abuse it. And so, Xavier’s discoveries and Dr. Green’s discoveries about psychopathic neurology sit locked in a vault inside the SCTU, as if it were a time capsule waiting to be released at a future date, which is the current plan. We have agreed to release it in fifty years, unless someone else figures it out first. And maybe by then, we’ll have figured out even more about psychopathology and the genetics behind it and perhaps we begin applying that information to people like me. I’ll be dead by then, but I will have lived a good life and hopefully, left a brighter future for the children Trevor and I intend to have. And maybe, they will look at that information and say “Hey, our biological mother was a psychopath, this is good to know.”

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