The Understanding Psychopathology Project

An explanation of the purpose of the Understanding Psychopathology Project co-written by Dr. Xavier Reece and Dr. Lucas McMichaels.

Lucas and I have asked those in our lives to catalogue their thoughts, feelings, or lack of feelings, regarding the psychopaths in our lives to go into the vault to accompany my DNA research and discoveries.  We can provide the hard science, but it is without context.  It would be the same if I had discovered the genetic formula that causes autism.  Yes, I could say Person A was autistic, but that wouldn’t actually tell you about the condition or the people who have it.

We’ve asked for letter or journal entry style essays on the subject and the people they know affected by it.  This is the master list of who we’ve asked.  Some of the names might surprise you.  We’ve also decided to denote those that are genetically psychopaths, so you know who they are since some are less obvious than others. 

The mothers: Melina Daniels, Myra Clachan, Telisa LaRouche, Elle Clachan, all have children who are psychopaths.  And none of them were surprised to discover their children were psychopaths or that they carried one control gene and an array of psychopathic genes themselves. I think they would have been more shocked if they hadn’t carried an array of psychopathic genes and the control gene.  I was only able to test Leon Leonovich Zeitzev of the generation before the mothers.  Elle was orphaned, Myrna was orphaned, and Telisa well, she like most kids has simply outlived her parents.  I was unable to test Tatyana Nikolaevna Zeitzev as she passed away when Nadine was a child.  However, Leon Leonovich is not a psychopath.  He is a sociopath though, which is good to know, and he carries all 40+ sociopathic genes.  I’m still waiting to get DNA from all of Melina’s siblings.  If all the males are psychopaths and after meeting Vasilii and Nikolai, I’m fairly sure they are, I believe it was Melina’s mother who provided the psychopath gene. 

The kids:  The psychopathic children of these mothers are giving me a more difficult time, particularly the Daniels’ children.  Only 2 had the activation gene, but three tested out as psychopaths on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.  Liam and Devlin have the activation gene.  Ivan does not, but according to his MMPI he should have it.  Of course, of the Daniels children, he has the most psychopathic genes even though he doesn’t have the control gene.  Yet, we all agree, Ivan is not a psychopath.  He is empathetic and caring.  Albeit, less empathetic than say Lucas or Anthony and Anthony’s ability to empathize is off the freaking charts, it’s no wonder he ended up with Couvade’s Syndrome… twice.  Kenzie absolutely needs to not get pregnant again, poor Anthony won’t be able to handle a third pregnancy. 

But I have gotten off topic.  Of our two SCT units and the Daniels’ clan, here’s the list of our psychopaths.  For the sake of simplicity, I am using Daniels’ Clan quite loosely to describe all of those involved with Nadine Daniels.  For that matter, use of SCTU members includes their family members. 

  • Zeke LaRouche
  • Kenzie Reynolds
  • Tatyana Zeitzev Jr.
  • Devlin Daniels
  • Liam Daniels
  • Ivan Daniels (I am listing Ivan as a psychopath due to his MMPI score) he like Aislinn is an anomaly that will require more study.  Melina thinks his psychopathic behaviors a combination of genetics and upbringing.  I don’t disagree exactly, but it still needs more study.
  • Aislinn Cain
  • Eric Clachan
  • Kyle Clachan
  • Patterson Clachan
  • Isabella Stuart
  • Jacob Strong
  • Raphael Henders
  • Malachi Blake
  • Caleb Green
  • Cassie Clachan (Cassie is like Ivan she does not have the control gene, she does have lots of the other genes, but she is empathetic especially to her aunt, which is weird and slightly worrying.  We all agree she is not a psychopath, but her MMPI score says she is).  Which is why I said I don’t exactly disagree with Melina’s thoughts that upbringing is why Ivan scored as a psychopath, but the upbringing of Cassie has been much different than Ivan. 

This is a short list to have 4 anomalies, but it does have four;  Aislinn, Patterson, Ivan, and Cassie.  When Ivan and Cassie both scored as having a high number of psychopathic traits, we administered several other tests to them.  They all came back the same way for whatever reason, Ivan and Cassie score as psychopaths, but they are capable of empathy which makes it impossible for them to be psychopaths.

Lucas has a theory that due to the number of psychopathic genes they both have; they are incapable of empathizing in a hypothetical sense.  There are lots of questions like “would you feel bad if you popped the balloon of a child who was a stranger?” and other nonsense questions.  However, if you ask them things like “would you feel bad if you hurt your brother by accident” they give a much different answer than they do to the child stranger they don’t know. 

And both over empathize when it comes to Aislinn Cain.  When Cassie found out what Kyle did, she kept apologizing to Aislinn for it.  And when Aislinn was injured on an operation Ivan was running, he kept sending her get well cards, flowers, and chocolates.  Melina thinks he has a crush on her, but I think it’s just Aislinn.  We see the similar behavior out of members of her fan club inside The Fortress and they are not capable of empathy.  Lucas calls it transference.  Ivan sees a bit of Nadine in Aislinn and neither woman had pleasant childhoods, therefore he feels protective brotherly admiration for Aislinn just as he does for Nadine.  Cassie’s father is a psychopath and he is not here for her to love, but Aislinn is and so she has transferred the feelings she has for Eric onto Aislinn. 

But it is interesting to note that both Cassie and Ivan have more than eighty of the ninety-two psychopathic genes.  One more reason not to publish my work.  Yes, DNA is a big factor, but it isn’t the only factor and there are still too many things we can’t explain yet. 

Albeit, we hope to try.  That is the other reason for these essays from everyone.  By reading them, we can collate more data, data we can’t get from a genome or even a therapy session.  I am combining all of it with Francesca Green’s neurological research on Nathan and Caleb and the others she got scans from.  We were lucky enough to find Donnelly had agreed to testing by Francesca.  And Myrna was able to provide a DNA sample of his from an object she had kept for decades without really understanding why beyond grief. 

And we have decided to expand upon her research.  We are ordering full medical workups for the psychopaths we have; MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, blood work, full body scans, the works.  Everything we can measure we will. 

Our hope is that combining the measurable medical data with the subjective essays provided by those who are psychopaths or who deal with them regularly we can figure out more information and have a more complete understanding of psychopathology. 

3 thoughts on “The Understanding Psychopathology Project

  1. Forgot SPECT brain imaging scans. They could certainly shed light on how the brains in the 4 anomalies differ from the others on the list. Probably there would be differences in the brain activity in parts of frontal lobes that may provide some clues.

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  2. I have first hand experience with SPECT scans and how my brain activity is significantly different no and off my psychotropic medications. I have actual pictures of how my brain activity is different. Comparison with 1000 of other SPECT scans led to a diagnosis of ADHD. There is a huge difference in my frontal lobe activity on meds compared to off meds and it is so nice to have actual pictures to prove it.

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