Research Part 2

I know, more science coming your way. I recommend reading yesterday’s entry first. I won’t recap much. This entry isn’t about psychopaths, but their counterparts; sociopaths.

It should be impossible to be both a sociopath and a psychopath. We’ve only found about a hundred serial killers that were sociopaths, not psychopaths. All of them were contract killers. Every sociopath we tested had the exact same 43 base pairs of matching genes. And they do not have a control gene on the X chromosome like we’ve found in psychopaths. Oddly, only 20 of those base pairs consistently show up in psychopaths.

Of the nearly one thousand DNA samples I looked at searching for psychopathic genes and then sociopathic genes, I only found 11 people who had all 92 psychopath genes and 43 sociopath genes. I almost tossed all the data when the first one I found was Aislinn Cain and the second was Patterson Clachan. Donnelly only carried 15 of the sociopath genes, Eric has fifteen. Cassie has all 43, but not all 92 psychopath genes, but she does have the control gene on both X chromosomes. Myrna Clachan has 38 of the genes, as well as more than fifty of the psychopath genes and carries one active control and one inactive control gene.

Here’s the scary part, of the 11 we found that carried all the genes, 7 were female serial killers. As a matter of fact, all but 1 who carried all those genes were female. That one exception is Patterson Clachan. I’ve turned over DNA data to a genetic genealogist to see if somehow the Clachans and Strongs are very distantly related from ancient days in their motherland of Scotland. We have found something else that both have in common though. They come from different areas, but in the areas they are from, both their Clans were known as brutal warriors. Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to say yea or nay on the kinship because both families carry a ton of psychopathic and sociopathic genes. The first genealogist was blindsided by the DNA overlap between Donnelly Clachan and Jacob Strong. She even thought I might have mislabeled one of the samples and sent her two first cousins. I had to tell her to ignore those specific genes and check the rest of the DNA for overlap. It was still problematic.

My gut tells me they aren’t. With so many psychopathic and sociopathic genes in both families, there are bound to be overlap. The Strongs are from the southwest part of Scotland and we are finding Irish and Welsh genes mixed with their Scottish ones, which we would expect. There is far less diversity in the Clachan genes who were from the northeast. I have no idea why the men are so short, as they have a ton of Scotch and Norse genes, two groups that tend to have tall genes. The Clachan genetics were more geographically isolated. They have nothing we associate with Welsh populations and only minute amounts of genes we would associate with predominantly Irish populations.

Ace’s history degree has come in handy here. Vikings, Celts, and Picts aren’t really her strong spot, but she knows enough to be dangerous. Warfare and crime though are her strengths. She found some reports of Clachan clansmen being portrayed as Celtic Berserkers and she says with their Pict, Celtic, and Viking genes, that would make sense. They were an isolated group, stealing women when the female population was too low for them to breed strong Scottish warriors. While the clan wouldn’t have known about genetics or psychopaths, they did know about warfare and she thinks they were practicing eugenics, though they wouldn’t have called it that. She found something written by a monk in 1700 about a Clachan man marrying a woman who was so ungodly no other man would marry her. They had five children together, three of which survived. She thinks those strong willed, crazy women that other men wouldn’t dare marry appealed to the Clachans because it ensured strong boys who could be trained as strong soldiers. She thinks they were breeding psychopaths. None of them ever had dozens of children like their contemporaries.

She originally suggested this could be from a high mortality rate of training berserkers, but when I told her I thought psychopaths probably had a slew of fertility problems, it was as if a light bulb had gone off over her head. Low birth rates made more sense to her than harsh training. She also theorizes that only the psychopaths made it to adulthood in the clan. I haven’t considered disagreeing with her, because I think she may be correct. As does Lucas.

The Strongs seemed to have been less interested in breeding psychopaths. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t practicing it to some degree. Being in the south, they often battled marauders and invaders from Britain. First the Romans, then the Saxons, then the Normans, and finally the British themselves. Unlike the Clachan men though, they weren’t all soldiers all the time. They kept warriors in the family, but they also had farmers and shepherds and craftsmen.

If the Clachans could practice such things a thousand years ago plus, then imagine what could be done with it today. We’ve all agreed that I will not be publishing my findings any time soon. Only Peter West knows of our discovery and he’s keeping it mum, because it could directly impact his own family. Malachi isn’t the only psychopath in the family, just the most notorious and the others are all younger, unable to be diagnosed yet even.

But as part of my study and with Peter being Malachi’s family, nearly everyone submitted samples to me for mapping. Peter West has the control gene, but not all the other psychopathic genes. His daughter though does have nearly as many as Malachi, far more than Peter and she has both active control genes. Right now, she’s a happy eight year old who likes unicorns, tea parties, and wants to be a fairy princess when she grows up.

Upon threat of death, Malachi has forbidden all of us from telling her that fairy princess isn’t really a career option. The world will crush her soon enough without our help.

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