The Dysfunctional Mob – Ebook

It’s done. You can go to Book Funnel and download the Dysfunctional Mob in either mobi (Kindle) or epub (every other ebook format available). You do not need to provide any information for yourself to get the book (I’m not collecting email addresses or anything). Just download and read. And it has now been edited to a much better extent than the blog post series was.

The Dysfunctional Mob

When I finish the character blog posts series, I’ll collect them into an ebook to distribute through Book Funnel as well. I’m having fun writing them and I had planned on doing about 50 of them, but you guys are enjoying them so much, I may end up writing many more than 50.

6 thoughts on “The Dysfunctional Mob – Ebook

  1. Thank you. I looked all over for the bookfunnel code before it dawned on me to click on the link. Oh well, guess I’m brain dead today, lol. I’ve got it now though. Thanks again!

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