I have the DNA of more than two hundred psychopaths. But it’s the DNA of just ten psychopaths that have provided the most answers. Yes, I mean the Clachan family. It was surprisingly Myrna, Nyleena, and Isabelle that gave me the first clues.

To understand, you must understand that genes come in pairs on chromosomes. You have 46 chromosomes and each chromosome has hundreds of genes on it. And we don’t understand what a lot of them do. I have identified 92 genes that nearly all psychopaths have (I say nearly all psychopaths, because I’m finding some of the less functional psychopaths are missing a couple or the pairs aren’t homozygous – the same base pairs). As well as something I’ll call a control gene which is located on the X chromosome.

I don’t know exactly what each of the 92 chromosomes have. But I know all psychopaths have 92 pairs of matching chromosomes. Meaning it’s a recessive trait. If you have 80 of them, you might have some psychopath traits like poor empathy capabilities and poor impulse control, but you don’t test out as a psychopath. Here’s where that 93rd gene comes into play.

Isabelle, Nyleena, Myrna, and Aislinn All carry matching pairs on those 92 chromosomes. But only Aislinn carries a homozygous (matching pair) on her X chromosome. Myrna, Isabelle, and Nyleena all carry a mismatched pair of that 93 chromosome. Meaning Myrna carries one that creates psychopathology and one that doesn’t, as did Isabelle and Nyleena. Isabelle and Nyleena obviously inherited the unmatched gene from Myrna. But Donnelly only had one X chromosome to pass along and all three of his daughters got that gene from him, the one that turns on psychopathology.

Because Aislinn inherited one from Donnelly and one from Myrna, she’s a psychopath. Nyeela, Myrna, and Isabelle all have some psychopathic traits, but aren’t psychopaths. In Myrna’s case, she doesn’t experience the guilt most of us do and she is perfectly capable of empathy.

This does mean that if Donnelly had had a different mother, the Clachan clan would not be full of psychopaths, because the control gene that Patterson carried on his X chromosome did not get passed on to Donnelly (Donnelly being male had to get the Y chromosome from Patterson) and oh boy did he. I found Patterson, Eric, and Donnelly all have the Double Y chromosome… we don’t exactly know what the Double Y chromosome does, but we find it more often in men in prison. Interestingly, Lucas also has a Double Y, but he does not carry many of the 92 psychopathic gene pairs I’ve found.

Nearly every person I’ve tested, has at least some of the 92 psychopath genes. Trevor, Lucas, Gabriel, Nyleena, Eric, Fiona, Vlad Daniels, Nadine Daniels, and a dozen more that I could name but won’t. To widen the study, Daniels Security asked their 500 employees to allow us to test their DNA. Nearly every one of their security agents have more than 70 of the genes in matching pairs. Only about fifteen had a matching pair on the control gene; Zeke is one of them.

Lucas carries 86 of the genetic pairs. Trevor carries just 41. Fiona carries a measly 22 pairs, but her sister Isabella carried all of them in matching pairs and the control gene in a matching pair. I haven’t gotten permission to dig up their father, but for Isabella to have a matching pair, their father had to have been a psychopath.

I have found a handful of psychopaths who do not carry all 92 base pairs but do carry the control gene. They tend to be average, low functioning, and have nothing “exceptional” about them like Ace or Caleb.

Interestingly, Nathan Green carried all 92 and the control gene, but with a mutation. A mutation he passed along to Caleb, but since the gene Caleb got from his mother was the more common genetic base pair, Caleb is a psychopath. Genes are made up of amino acids; adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. They can only pair up in certain ways: adenine can only pair with thymine. Guanine can only pair with cytosine.

The control gene is an A to T base pair. If you have the A to T base pair on both genes, it activates the other psychopathic genes. Unless, you’re male then you only have one A to T base pair because you only have one X chromosome. Nathan’s X chromosome damaged. It’s amazing how this can affect someone or not. For example, Down’s Syndrome is due to trisomy of chromosome 21, a person has 3 of them instead of 2. In Cri Du Chat a child is missing part of one of their number 5 chromosomes.

But Nathan had extra genes on his X chromosome. Partial deletion of a chromosome is far more common than the insertion of extra chromosomal parts. But I’ve stared at enough X chromosomes in the last ten years to know how many base pairs it has. Nathan had about a third more than he should have. And he had an extra base pair of the control gene and it was not A to T. It was C to G, which does not activate the other psychopathic genes. Caleb has 3 control genes, 2 are A to T, the active version of the control gene and one C to G, the inactive version.

This tells us two things; psychopathology is a recessive gene. You must have an A to T base pair on the X chromosome to activate all the other psychopathic genes. And it’s placement on the X chromosome is why female psychopaths like Isabella Stuart and Aislinn Cain are far rarer than male psychopaths.

People like Myrna shows us it isn’t totally recessive. The fact that Myrna has some psychopathic traits, even though she has one base pair of each, shows us that having one of the A to T base pairs creates what I’m going to term a pseudo-psychopath. There are some marked differences between full psychopaths like Aislinn Cain and pseudo-psychopaths like Myrna Clachan. There are even serious differences between each psuedo-psychopath. Nyleena and Myrna are very, very different, despite the incredible similarity of genes one would expect in a mother and daughter.

Perhaps the most surprising part is that we do understand what some of those genes do. For instance, roughly a dozen control estrogen and testosterone production. A few others we know deal with either male or female fertility issues.

Psychopaths have been breeding since the beginning of time, but we may finally start to understand why there has been such a sudden explosion of the psychopathic population. I’ll explain by example; it’s so much easier. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an endocrine disorder. The endocrine system regulates hormones in both men and women. Women are more likely to show symptoms than men, but both sexes can have it. It is the leading cause of infertility in women. And in the US about 1 in 30 women have it. There are lots of symptoms and side effects, but the worst of them is ovarian cysts, a painful condition that can cause all sorts of issues when they form and even more when they rupture. Easiest way to stop them: birth control. Stop ovulation, reduce the cause of why an ovarian cyst even forms. Some five years ago or so though, a paper was written about a study on women with PCOS. It seemed if they used certain forms of birth control for a prolonged period of time and then went off it, they were suddenly getting pregnant at an astonishing rate. These were women that never dreamed of having a child of their own without really expensive IVF treats and yet, here they were pregnant and giving birth to healthy babies. It seemed that regulating their systems to ovulate only once every three months, increased their rate of fertility when they stopped using the medication or when it stopped working for them. Or if they missed too many pills. And ta-da something meant to prevent children was causing them in women who thought they’d never have that opportunity. It’s still being studied, but the first couple rounds of studies are promising.

Now, if a birth control pill can also help increase fertility in a women with a genetic disorder that normally causes infertility… well then who’s to say it hasn’t been doing the exact same thing since 1950 in a population we weren’t studying at all… female psychopaths.

The first major explosion in serial killers was the mid-1960s, fifteen years after birth control pills were released to the public in the US. And the US has the highest rate of birth control use in the world and the highest psychopath population both high and low functioning.

The 1960s brought the first hormone treatments for infertility. It was followed in the next decade by IVF – test tube babies. In other words, as we’ve advanced medicine and made it easier for those with fertility issues to reproduce, our psychopathic population has also increased. Yet our thoughts on psychopaths and how to deal with them really haven’t changed much since the 1960s. I mean we aren’t administering electro-shock therapy as often anymore or performing lobotomies, but all psychopaths, no matter what their level of functionality are still stigmatized like well, like being a serial killer. And the words are practically used as synonyms. Yet, the majority of psychopaths are just regular people or as regular as their DNA will let them be.

We have some answers. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not though. We already screen fetuses for diseases and disorders. Knowing we could screen them for that psychopathic control gene, scares me. Because there’s no way to predict how many Donnelly Clachans and Harry Burns we’d lose to misunderstandings and misplaced fear. I also worry about abusers of the system. Imagine a world if Hitler or Stalin had had access to such powerful information. How much worse would the and Lebensborn Ubermensch projects have been?

How tempting would it be to build armies of psychopaths? Recruit them at birth, raise them to believe in your cause, and be obedient and loyal. Then turn them loose on the enemy. What horrors would ensue? Occasionally, I worry about it within the SCTU and we are a small force with just a few psychopaths, but they are dedicated and loyal to their cause; ridding the world of serial killers.

None of them color within the lines all the time. But it is exceptionally difficult to find ones like Caleb and Aislinn, psychopaths who are in so much control of themselves that they can be second in the chain of command. How long before we would begin to entrust more power into the pseudo-psychopaths who may or may not have more self control than a full psychopath? Myrna is comfortable with the role, as is Nyleena, but Elle, Eric’s wife, not so much.

Cassie and Kyle both carry the double A to T pair. Cassie has more mismatched pairs than her aunt or father though. I’m not sure what it means for her yet. She doesn’t show the psychopathic traits that her father and aunt showed at her age. Nor is she as reckless and incapable of foreseeing consequences as her brother. While I expected to find anomalies and outliers within the samples, I’m most surprised by hers. I don’t know if I’m blinded by my own expectations, because I know her family so well or if she is truly an outlier like no other.

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