Weird Yarn Choices on the Wish List & Other Info – Last Post on the Wish List Mania

Someone commented that the yarns on my wish list were a bit all over the place. She’s an avid knitter and said she could tell I was a huge fan of Lion yarn, but that I didn’t seem to have a favorite line of Lion brand and my choices were a mix of all sorts of fibers and brands.

That’s because most of the yarn on the list, is yarn I’ve never used. Like most crocheters, I learned using Red Heart Super Savers. And perhaps more bizarrely, I hated variegated yarns.

In the last handful of years, I’ve fallen in love with variegated yarns. And if I have a favorite “line” of yarns, it’s definitely Lion brand’s Mandala or Lion Brand’s Homespun. However, those two specific lines are a lot cheaper at Joann’s craft store or from Lion Direct…. Definitely not Amazon – even if you’re buying the “super bundles” (3 skeins of Windsor is $33 on Amazon, but a single skein is $6.99 at Joann’s – the Bernat’s Baby Blanket bundles are the exception).

And I’ve been making lists of things I want to try making. Dish clothes, facial washcloths, face scrubbies, dish scrubbies, hand towels, socks, stockings, leg warmers (I miss the 1980s for that reason), baby blankets, hats (I am now hoping for the round knitting loom set because hats are still my nemesis – I moved it to the highest priority on my wish list the other day after watching a video of how to make a fancy hat on the round loom). Oh, yes, I was making a list and as I read up on how to make some of these items, I’m getting the types of recommended yarns for them. For dish cloths they recommend all cotton, but for facial washcloths and hand towels, they recommend a cotton polyester blend.

And I was really surprised when I learned you could in fact buy yarn specifically designed to make dish scrubbies out of. We go through about 8 dish scrubbies a month, because I used to work in public health and have this serious issue with reusing dish scrubbies for very long. I was also surprised Red Heart now made a line of yarn specifically intended for bath and kitchen sets.

And price is also a factor in making the wish list. There have been a handful of expensive items, but when I’m shopping for yarn, I try to pick skeins that are less than $5.99 each. And while I always ask for 2 skeins, it can be broken up… You can buy a single skein from the list and let someone else buy the other skein.

On Christmas eve, I got another recommendation: Why haven’t you listed gift cards on the wish list? Uh, what? You can’t. Turns out you can. So I did. Amazon allows people to send a digital gift card to someone with a balance as low as $1… You pick the amount from $1 to $1,000. This would mean people who wanted to buy something from the list, but just couldn’t fit $4.99 in their budget could instead send me a $1 gift card…. which could be saved up for that big expensive item I really want, but refuse to put on the list… rechargeable lighted crochet hooks – the set with the best reviews is $33 and there was no way I was going to put that on that list. I sell my books for $2.99 or $3.99 or $4.99, I feel bad putting on skeins of yarn over $5, because about a half dozen or so readers have commented “Merry Christmas, I’m sending you this because you won’t let me pay you for the free books and other content you are constantly giving us.” Or my favorite “Merry Christmas, now you have to make The Dysfunctional Mob available in ebook format, because I just paid for it.” Someone I shared it with thought it was rude, I thought it was hilarious, it actually made me giggle out loud.

I’ve also gotten several requests to keep the wish list running beyond the holidays. I won’t keep posting the link, that’s crazy, but I’m willing to PM or DM it as requested and I’m going to put it on a permanent page on my blog for people to reference at a later date if they so choose.

Now, I’ve had a couple people send me messages asking how it works… Here’s the quick and dirty version.

You select an item off the list and add to your cart. At check out it will ask if you want to ship the item to you or directly to me. And it will warn you if you try to buy a duplicate item. Let’s say you put a skein of yarn into your cart from that list, at check out or possibly when you add it, it will tell you this is a duplicate purchase and someone else has already bought it. Part of the reason, I’m posting the pictures of what I’m getting is so that someone will know if their gift goes awry. In other words, if it says it’s been delivered and I don’t post a picture and a thank you, you might want to contact Amazon who will then contact me to see if I received the item or not. And please include a gift message. I want to be able to thank you by name.

Lots of people have grabbed items off my wish list. I cry every time one of those packages arrives. Your generosity has been amazing and overwhelming. And I appreciate all of it so much.

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