Merry Christmas & January

The last several days, you’ve gotten a glimpse at some “origin” stories for the SCTU. There are more to come I assure you. It is my Christmas gift to my community, since I wasn’t able to get The Dysfunctional Mob ready for download in time for Christmas. And once we get past the “origin stories” the posts will continue….

On the 23rd, I got hard at work on the first round of edits from Anonymous Dreams. But to fill the time between now and it’s publication, I intend to put out a blog post a day written by a different character. There will be repeats. For instance, you’ve gotten an idea of Aislinn’s thoughts on Donnelly and Myrna, but eventually you’ll start getting posts from Ace on her thoughts about her life now. As well as other characters. And Christmas day, you’ll get to see how exactly Myrna and Donnelly met and how the fireworks started that bring two more psychopaths into this world and how Myrna feels about her children and Donnelly.

And the question has already been asked: Can these eventually be collected in a book that I can buy? Yes and no. Yes, I am willing to eventually collect all of them into a book. It will be made available free to everyone through Book Funnel, just like The Dysfunctional Mob.

This will no doubt spark another question, one I get asked often: why are you giving it away for free? I’m willing to pay $2.99 or $3.99 or $4.99 for these things.

Why am I willing to give these two items away for free? Because you guys give me stuff for free all the time. I’m not just talking about the growing collection of Amazon boxes that keep showing up at my house or the Christmas cards. I’m talking about the great memes you share with me and the PMs and DMs you send asking how I am. Or the days you listen to me whine because someone has annoyed the heck out of me (or run me over with a cart to steal my yarn). Or because I’m having a bad day and just can’t stop the drivel and silence myself when I vent.

Although, I will say I do not enjoy the free penis pictures I get. I’m married. I’ve seen a penis. They pretty much all look the same. And while I understand men are enamored with the look of their own penises, most women really don’t care about their appearance, because once you’ve seen about a dozen, there’s little that’s remarkable about them… unless you’re are well and truly an extraterrestrial and have a penis like no human has ever seen…. After about a minute of thought, I don’t even want to see that either, so please don’t share.

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & January

  1. I enjoy reading you so much: always look forward to your books and your posts. Your discourse about penises cracked me up -thanks for the belly laugh

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    1. Well, one penis really does look like another… especially when you get about 1 every two months that isn’t attached to the man you married. It is a strange, strange thing to do. “Oh look, she writes serial killer novels, she must want to see a picture of my penis, probably several pictures from different angles, so she can fully appreciate it.”


  2. Loved the penis discourse. I have several friends who have attracted the Proud Penis Population, The PPP is a very committed group, if you don’t respond To one pic they’ll send you one from a different angle.

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  3. I vaguely remember us discussing you sending it to me. But I never received it and thought with all the problems you were having with your idiot brother you had Changed your mind about sending it. However, I will take the time this next week to search all my book shelves and all the books and crannies to see if I did get it and just don’t remember (damn Gabapentin & Lyrica).

    oh god, I hope you find that thumb drive.

    I will gladly give you contact info for my editors if you want to take that route.


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