By Request

After the SNAFU that Facebook finally let me delete and that I apologized for, I started getting requests for the list to be returned. Not just to Facebook but across all my social media platforms. I sent several “thank you, I appreciate your desire to see the list” messages and each was replied to with “where’s the wish list?” Which is surprising and a bit shocking. And after I got assaulted for my skeins of Mandala Cupid yarn, the requests increased. So, I’m releasing it, and I feel weird about it… just like I feel weird about releasing a book version of The Dysfunctional Mob (it’s in progress). But apparently, my readers can talk me into just about anything…

Then a Twitter user summed it up for me. She said “I follow you on Facebook, I follow you on Twitter, I read your blog all the time, I read all your books. I send you direct messages and you answer them. But most importantly, when you saw me post a Twitter status about my mom recently passing away, you DM’ed me your condolences. You are the most personable writer I follow. I counted and between Facebook and Twitter we’ve exchanged over 100 messages and only the first message was one of those standard lame ‘thanks for reading my books’ replies. I feel like you care about me, not just as a faceless reader, but as a treasured member of your community. And if you’re that way with me, I’m sure you’re that way with others. That’s why we all want access to the wish list you posted by accident. I want to do more than just buy your books, because you do more than just treat me as a reader. You treat me as a person, a person who loves books just like you and has problems and sadness and joy. You even sent me a congrats when my daughter gave birth to twins. I was shocked you even remembered I said she was my daughter. I may not be able to buy a ton off the wish list, but you said you didn’t expect anyone to buy anything off of it, so even if I just send you a single skein of yarn to help you change your focus on your rough pain days, then I will feel like I made a difference for you, like you’ve done for me so many times in the past whether its with your books or by remembering I once mentioned that I had gotten my daughter Candice reading your books while she was pregnant and then you congratulating me on becoming a first time grandparent and asking if Candice and the babies were okay. So, yes, we want that wish list made available to us again.”

Her message was the longest one of this kind, but it wasn’t the only one. I got about two dozen of them telling me that they wanted that list because I answered their messages and remembered the names of their kids or their spouses or asked them if they were okay when I knew they were going through a hard time.

As a writer, I am rarely at a loss for words, but those messages did leave me speechless. Those messages coupled with the dozens of comments from readers telling me I needed to sell my crocheted stuff because they, my readers, wanted to buy them.

All I can say is I’m touched. And you should all know, none of you are “just readers.” I notice when people stop commenting as often or when the private messages dry up. I am capable of living my dream job solely because of all my readers. And she used the correct word, you are a community, MY community. No, we don’t all agree on everything (be it religion, politics, or my stance on romance novels), but I wouldn’t change that for the world. And as a person who loves to learn, having differing opinions on things, helps me learn new things and I appreciate that a great deal.

It is this constant outpouring of appreciation from my community, that I decided to use Book Funnel to deliver all the Freebie copies of The Dysfunctional Mob. It is currently being edited by my editors. Once it’s finished and uploaded, I will be sharing the information to download it in mobi and epub from Book Funnel. The fact that nearly everyone said “I would still buy this book, even though you gave it away for free on your blog.” And then got slammed with requests to make my Pain Refocusing Amazon Wish List available to my readers….

Here’s my thoughts on what I’m about to do: I feel weird about it. But, just as I decided to make The Dysfunctional Mob available in book format by reader request, I am fulfilling multiple requests from my community by sharing this list for everyone. NO ONE needs to buy anything off the wish list and I do not expect you to buy any of it. If you want to buy me something, you can expect a picture to show up on my blog with a thank you (Facebook does not allow me to PM a person unless they have PM’ed the HJ page previously or unless they comment on something). You are all free to just oogle the list, there’s really nothing terribly interesting on it, unless you are into crocheting or yarn arts. It is absolutely not being made available to make you feel obligated to buy me anything.

2 thoughts on “By Request

  1. It sounds like this episode has shown you just how much YOU, not just your books mean to many of us. We have similar health issues, everytime you post here on what’s currently going on or what was set off by xyz, I feel a little less alone. I know it’s a sucky club to be a member of but you help me more than I could ever tell you!

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