Anonymous Dreams Jacket Copy

Snuff films are a myth. Everyone knows that.

When a serial killer begins rampaging through Kansas City, Missouri, the press dubs him The Lady Burner, because after he kills his victims, he sets their bodies on fire and burns down their houses.

The SCTU knows that the fires are just a forensic countermeasure. He’s covering his tracks; he rapes and strangles these women while filming it. He offers the videos up for sale on the dark web, forcing Aislinn Cain and the SCTU to track a killer through the sleazy digital marketplaces where someone can buy anything if they have enough money.

However, once inside the marketplaces, Aislinn realizes it’s not just a case of tracking down the person selling the videos. There’s an infrastructure in place that insulates the video maker, the seller, the distributor, and the buyers. Ensuring everything on the dark web, even the makers of snuff films, are anonymous.

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