The SNAFU & The Good Idea

Last weekend, one of my support groups on Facebook decided to do an “If You Can Afford It” Anonymous Gift exchange thingy. There’s about 60 members, most of them disabled. They told all of us to create an Amazon Wish List of items to either make life better or of things you use to distract yourself from your pain. I made a list that was very Crochet oriented, because it does help distract me from my pain.

We are supposed to post the Wish Lists at Noon on December 18th. So, after finishing my Wish List at 1 am on the 18th, I copied the link to paste it in a Word Document. I had been working on the jacket copy of Anonymous Dreams at the same time. So, Word was open.

I hit control v and pasted the wish list link in the new Word document I had opened. Then at 1:20 am or something, I finished the jacket copy edits and copied them. I then pasted it to Facebook and went to bed.

At 10am, I got a private message from a reader telling me how tacky it was that I expected my readers to get me a Christmas gift. “Um, what? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” They responded with “well, you posted the jacket copy of Anonymous Dreams with a link to an Amazon Wish List.”

WTF? So I went to look at it and sure enough, there was my Pain Distraction Wish List. So I sent the reader an apology and told them it was an accident, I didn’t expect gifts, I’d just made an error because it was so early in the morning when I posted the jacket copy. It happens, I’m human, and I’m not always with it when I have 2 very different ideas going on in my brain at the same time.

Then I tried to delete the post… Which still hasn’t happened. Facebook got tetchy about it and told me I didn’t have permission to delete or edit the post. I did what I could, I posted an apology and admitted the SNAFU and told everyone that I DID NOT EXPECT ANY OF THEM TO SEND ME CHRISTMAS GIFTS….

The point is, I’m human. When I’m tired and my pain is high, my ability to focus on small details (like am I actually working in a blank Word Document) are lost to me. I try to be careful, but I screw up and I make mistakes, especially when it comes to social media. To the readers I offended or angered, I’m truly sorry you felt I was trying to wheedle gifts out of you. The clean jacket copy will be posted on my blog tomorrow. Right now, I still can’t get the post with the wish list to delete, I don’t know why I don’t have permission to delete it, unless someone reported me for abuse or something (it’s happened before – but that time it was for swearing).

I do not expect any of my readers to send me Christmas gifts or Christmas cards, my only expectations of any of my readers is that they won’t pirate my books and that you bear with me when I’m having a tough time.

My hope is that you will look at the list and smile… “Huh, HJ has weird shit on this wish list” as one reader did and forgive me for making a mistake.

And thank you to the readers that didn’t get upset and made me feel a little less like a stupid asshole.

One thought on “The SNAFU & The Good Idea

  1. Don’t feel bad! There was probably only one ASSHOLE who got bent that they got to see your wish list.


    Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils


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