Character Blog Posts

I decided to do something a little different from now until after Christmas. I was listening to an audiobook when the idea hit me. For the remainder of 2019, each day you’ll get a new blog post from the perspective of one of my characters. And all of my characters (primary and secondary) will provide a post.

It will start tomorrow – with a post from Aislinn Cain. I think these will provide some extra insight into the characters, insight that stays in my head all the time and has no place in a book. I figure you’ll get 13 days of these as I begin the arduous process of setting up The Dysfunctional Mob on BookFunnel for free download and the editing on Anonymous Dreams.

If by some miracle, editing on Anonymous gets done faster than expected, I’ll release it before the end of 2019…. although this is highly unlikely. It will definitely release in January at some point. I’ve been doing some thinking on it and I may not offer pre-orders… I may just release it when it’s done.

Anyway, so enjoy these in the mean time.

One thought on “Character Blog Posts

  1. Really looking forward to this new serial of insights into your characters!

    How is the implant working?

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