Stopped Using Gmail

In September, someone was nice enough to sign up both my Gmail accounts with one of those spam bots. I average 3,500 emails a day as a result.

This means if you’ve contacted me via Gmail and I have not answered, this is why. Not only did they hit my DA gmail, but my HJ gmail.

And since I have no clue what asshat did it, I’m not giving out my replacement email. On the 14th, as I checked my email for contact from Angela with Covered Creatively, I had to do a search because in 23 hours, I’d gotten 3,950 emails. Gmail filters about 500 of them as spam. About 2,000 as promotions. And the rest end up in my regular in-box. It is SUPER fucking annoying.

But I should have the cover for Anonymous Dreams soon and the book will release in January. I also signed up for a month’s trial of Book Funnel to distribute free copies of The Dysfunctional Mob. Once that is all put together (complete with cheapo cover), I will upload it to Book Funnel and post the code here as well as all my social media accounts.

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