The last couple of weeks, I’ve been hard at work making a variety of scarves for Christmas gifts. I originally had 8 to make. Then it was bumped up to 10 scarves (one extra, extra large) and 2 hats.

The problems with the SCS has created some delays. But I’ve gotten 6 1/2 of the scarves done and 1/2 a hat. So I thought I’d share my progress on them here.

Scarf 6
Scarf 1
Scarf 2
Scarf 3
Scarf 4 (kid’s scarf)
Scarf 5 (toddler scarf)
Scarf 7 at the half-way point.
Scarf 8 at the very beginning of the process.
Hat 1 – since this is my very first attempt at a hat, I picked a beginner pattern that you sewed together. The sewing isn’t yet done on it… but will be for Christmas.

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