Almost 2020

2020 is an election year. I’ve been vocal in my disagreement with Trump as President and nothing divides like politics. Someone asked me once why I would risk losing readers by disagreeing with the President and alienating readers. The real question is; why would my political beliefs cause someone to not read my non-political fiction novels?

Here’s my thoughts on this. If you aren’t willing to accept that I am a free thinking individual, then by all means don’t read my blog. If you are such a rabid supporter of any political figure that it causes you to stop reading an author whose books you have immensely enjoyed, that’s on you. The only person being hurt or deprived is you. Yes, I’d like your $3.50 from your purchase of the next D&R novel, but not at the cost of my own self respect.

My position as a historian means politics interest me a great deal. Furthermore, my objections to President Trump are moral, not political. If he was a Democrat, I’d have just as many objections and I’d be just as vocal about them. I’m not registered or affiliated with any political party. I tend to vote Democrat because I have more liberal views on the world than conservative (like most writers and artists). However, I have voted Republican in previous elections.

I will say, I find it interesting that only one Trump supporter has ever asked me why I consider him unsuitable for the presidency. I’ve found the majority just assume it’s because I’m a rabid liberal – which isn’t the case, most who know my political beliefs would consider me a conservative liberal – for example, I fully support the right to bear arms as well as a woman’s right to choose. I think the border wall is a really stupid idea and if we can come up with the billions of dollars necessary to build it, that money would be better spent on programs for veterans and hiring more border guards (thereby creating more jobs). But my objection to the Border Wall is based on historical evidence that walls do not work for protecting borders, only people (ie: border guards) can protect borders.

The point being that I have never told a conservative that they couldn’t read my books. I find the idea insulting. It bothers me that we have decided our political affiliations or the political affiliations of others must dictate what, where, and when we buy stuff. I know someone who refuses to eat at a local restaurant because the owners are registered Democrats – during the 2016 election they did not have political signs in or around their restaurant. The food is amazing. Why deprive yourself of amazing food simply because the owners are registered with the county as Democrats? More to the point; is your political affiliation so important that you can only buy books written by members of your own party?

2 thoughts on “Almost 2020

  1. I think by now you know I’m on the same wave link as you. I have no tolerance for the rabid followers of that cretin. Being a historian myself everyday brings a new horror where he’s concerned. Currently my only form of protest has been to refuse to capitalize president along as he squats in the oval office. I’m revolted by the number of people who think he’s perfect. His “office” doesn’t grant him any of the things he has proclaimed it does and he would greatly benefit from some Constitutional Law courses, which he would call fiction I’m sure.

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  2. Let’s remember Patrick Henry here. AND I agree with the sentiment if not the thoughts. Speak on dear, we have that right and you are not force feeding us. If I don’t want your opinion I can ignore it, or sit back and listen so I understand your point of view.

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