The Dysfunctional Mob

Interestingly, there were some unexpected consequences to releasing The Dysfunctional Mob as a serial on my blog. 1) I get at least one message a day asking if I’m going to release it as a book that lovers of Ace and Nadine can buy (because apparently people want to give me money for it). 2) Downloads of the The Dysfunctional Chronicles went up in late November and that continues into December.

By part 10, I was getting asked if I was going to go ahead and release it as a book because readers were loving it. As of December 7th, the answer is no. It’s incredibly dark for a Dysfunctional Chronicle. And it’s available for free on my blog.

However, I’m still investigating ways to collate it into a “book” and make it downloadable to readers. I thought about using Etsy, I’ve made other stories available there, but I’d have to charge like two dollars per copy to cover the listing and download fees. And as I said, why pay for a book I gave away for free on my blog?

4 thoughts on “The Dysfunctional Mob

  1. Well you ask why pay for a book your putting out there for free- I believe there are so many more unanswered questions to that story line. Yes I have read everyone and look forward to the next ones. However I can say myself I would buy it even thought I read what you posted purely for the fact of re-reading it again. And fully grasping the dynamics as a whole. Love your writing- found your first dreams book by accident and have been hooked since.

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  2. I understand not publishing under the dysfunctional series, but why not make it a “between the books” D&R book and call it Dysfunctional Dreams? Then we can all throw silly cash your way! πŸŽ‰πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸŽ‰
    Btw, I haven’t read it, been waiting for it to be completely out there and to have a vacation day!

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  3. ” And as I said, why pay for a book I gave away for free on my blog?”

    The answer is simple. We love you and the fictional worlds you create.

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