SCS – Day 3

I finally got in with the doctor at 4 pm on Wednesday. I had 4 fucking sutures and they were too tight. That was the source of all that pain.

It’s hard to believe that can cause the agony I was in, but the moment they were cut I instantly had some pain relief. I was even able to sit up and watch the remake of Jumanji and work on scarves. I sat up for 3 whole hours. Before deciding to go to bed.

And NOW my pain is what I expect. I have two small spots that ache, where the stitches were removed. My spine is a little stiff, but that could be from the procedure and my inability to straighten my spine for most of 50+ hours.

I can also sit back and have things touch me. I’m hoping to be able to change my shirt. I’ve been in the same shirt since Monday, in too much pain to lift my arms and even with help, unable to remove the T-Shirt I wore to the procedure.

Apparently, when stitches are pulled too tight, the stress on the skin and sympathetic nervous system, can make the pain incredibly extreme.

Unfortunately, if they’d done this Tuesday, I wouldn’t be out of pain meds for 10 days. Taking 2 pain pills every 4 hours for 2 1/2 days depletes a supply really fast. And my pain management doctor is anti-opiates.

So, fingers crossed that now, the test can proceed as it’s suppose to and gives me some good relief in my hip. I felt better last night and slept pretty well last night… all of which is a vast improvement.

And then at 4 am I rolled over or something and the stabbing burning pain returned to one of the electrode spots. I’m still not in as much pain as I was, but I am definitely in pain and still thinking this was a terrible idea.

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