Today is the Day

By the time most of you read this, I will be having outpatient surgery. Today, we implant the spinal cord stimulator for a 7 day test. The spinal cord stimulator works to lower daily pain levels by flooding the central nervous system with excess stimulation (basically electronic white noise).

Some people have had great success with it. I won’t know if I’m “some people” for a few more days. I also won’t know if it’s going to be a problem for a few more days. I didn’t go into anaphylaxis when I pierced my ears with titanium studs. It took a couple of days before my earlobes turned red, became warm to the touch, and began oozing pus, and hurt. They hurt.

It is considered a non-standard allergic reaction, but is still an allergic reaction. We’ve just never figured out what exactly triggers it. I have a silver amalgam filling and it’s never bothered me. But titanium stud earrings did bother me, so I figure I’ll spend these seven days worrying about whether pus is starting to surround my spinal column.

I also won’t be working this week or in my office much at all for the next seven days. I’m not supposed to be left alone, someone is supposed to follow me everywhere (just in case). I suspect my mom is going to be a basket case while my anxiety eats away at me. I’ve got some marathons planned (Die Hard, Transformers, and Jeeves & Wooster) and I have a stack of scarves that need to be crocheted. And there is my plan for this week…. curl up in a comfy chair and crochet while marathoning movie & TV series(es).

Now, to save the battery on my phone, I’ve removed social media from it. This means I probably won’t be on social media much. You’ll be happy to know though that Krissy is working on Anonymous Dreams. Once she finishes, it will go to Cindy for the second round of edits. And I’m hoping to publish it in mid to late January.

5 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping for no reaction. You know I have a special interest in this procedure. I’m hoping it works exactly like it’s supposed to so I can have my husband “read all about it”.

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