OneNote & Books

Over the summer, I started organizing book plots in OneNote for later use. Once I write the book, I delete the note. It is about as organized as I’ve managed to get as a writer (I’m not a huge plotter). Here’s the plots I have sorted out and in the program: 4 Dreams novels, 1 Reality collection, Nephilim Narrative 4, Dysfunctional 8, and a random plot that doesn’t fit in anywhere.

I’ve already mentioned that I have 6 books written and just need to be prepped for publication in 2020. And I have these other 8 book plots. This means in 2020, I’ll be writing for 2021 and apparently, I have the plots for it.

So, I got to thinking…. In 2021, I’ll be publishing books in the 20s for the D&R series. This blows my mind. I didn’t expect the series to last this long. What are we looking at going forward? I took a MasterClass in Mystery Writing. As such, starting with Buried Dreams, there’s more mystery in Dreams books.

D&R books up to this point and going forward in 2020:

  1. Anonymous Dreams (publishing in 2020) – SCTU Alpha is trying to capture a serial killer making snuff films and distributing them on the dark web.
  2. Buried Dreams (publishing in 2020) – SCTU Alpha heads to Nashville to see if 17 missing persons’ cases could be the work of a serial killer and what he’s doing with the bodies.
  3. Avenging Reality (publishing in 2020) – A collection of short stories centering around vigilantism.
  4. Innocent Dreams (publishing in 2020) – SCTU Alpha is in KC doing the first round of interviews for the new SCT Unit Charlie, when troubled teens start disappearing from a local detention center.
  5. Dreams Novel 20 – SCTU Alpha go to Juarez Mexico (2021 publication)
  6. Dreams Novel 21 – SCTU Alpha stay in KC to finalize interviews for SCTU Team Charlie and track down a serial killer hunting mobsters (2021 publication)
  7. Dreams Novel 22 – SCTU Alpha are asked to assist INTERPOL with a case in Berlin, Germany (2021 publication)
  8. Dreams Novel 23 – SCTU Alpha go to NYC to capture a cold case (2021 publication)
  9. Reality Collection 3 – A collection of stories revolving around the theme of getting even (2021 publication) (Avenging centers around vigilantism)

Nephilim Narrative 4: As a fully licensed PI and Exorcist Soleil takes on her first missing persons case when one of Jerome’s friends from school goes missing after a sleepover in which the boys called forth a demon using a ouija board (publishing 2021).

The Dysfunctional Expansion: Nadine and Zeke head to Mexico to scope out real estate for their new Daniels’ Security office in Mexico. However, Nadine finds her passport has been revoked at the border and she returns home to figure out why and ends up helping Alex: who has been hired to investigate a UFO sighting and the Men In Black who show up afterwards to get the footage.

Dysfunctional Novella 9: Nadine has decided to investigate who keeps sending her poisons in the mail after two of her security agents are exposed to anthrax sent through the mail and intended for her.

And that is my major plan for the next two years.

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