The Dysfunctional Mob – An Introduction to the next 30+ Days

Part of the reason there hasn’t been a new Dysfunctional Chronicle in the past two years, is because I wrote a book for the series, called The Dysfunctional Mob. It’s not funny. It’s very dark… like D&R dark. As a matter of fact, Nadine gets mistaken for Aislinn Cain at several points in the story. And as with any Aislinn Cain story, it involves tracking down a serial killer.

The three people that have read it, loved it. I hated it and decided it would never see the light of day… It was just way too dark. Especially coming on the heels of The Dysfunctional Proposal and Bec.

Sometime after I finished writing the book and decided to lock it away from the world, I got a message from a guy named Louis accusing me of multiple things: A) Stealing his life story B) Stealing his movie idea. C) Stealing the title of his movie and impinging on his copyright, which he swears he owns. Multiple checks of the US Copyright database, shows this isn’t true. From my interactions with Louis, he was somehow connected to the Italian Mafia, which is absolutely not what MY The Dysfunctional Mob is about.

When he hit me again with another “I’m going to sue you” message, it kind of put my readers into a feeding frenzy. And their demands for The Dysfunctional Mob – Starring Nadine and Zeke renewed. I had for the most part forgotten not just about the book, but about Louis and the whole fiasco until he hit me up on social media and my blog again.

After a day of thinking about it, I decided to be petty, too. He still doesn’t own the copyright on the title. And I still have zero intention of publishing a book with the title. But, the book does exist. And it involves flying to Russia and serial killers. And since I didn’t get a book published at Halloween, like I’d intended… well, I might as well release The Dysfunctional Mob. My readers can consider it their “Trick or Treat” treat as well as a Christmas present, because I had intended to never publish the book. However, I can and will, release it as a serial on my blog.

Therefore, for most of November (it ended up being 38,000+ words when it was finished… very long for a Dysfunctional Chronicle… but not yet a novel). Starting tomorrow, October 30, I will be releasing roughly 1,000 words a day, from The Dysfunctional Mob. You won’t need to read it to read any of the other books in the series and I swear, while this one is dark, The Dysfunctional Expansion has a scene with armadillos… so, it’s right back on track as not nearly as dark.

6 thoughts on “The Dysfunctional Mob – An Introduction to the next 30+ Days

  1. Woohoo! Thank you Hadena!!! I know I’m twisted but the part I read yesterday had me laughing so hard I had tears. Thank you again! AND LOUIS, hey LOUIS RTDB!!! And cease and desist!

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