The Dysfunctional Mob

This post is mostly to piss off someone named Louis, that I don’t actually know, but who likes to remind me that he’s going to sue me for “stealing his movie.” Which is interesting, because from what I can tell, our ideas were very different. For my readers, the book was written. It was not published – it was very, very, very dark for a Dysfunctional Chronicle. Irredeemably so.

But, I do my due diligence before I name any book. And as of 11 am 28 October 2019. The title is still not copyrighted. This means, should I decide in the next 24 hours to publish the book… I could and I could then pay the fee to copyright it and screw Louis the Troll, which is all he is at this point… and I think Trolls should be made fun of and laughed at.

Onwards and upwards… A real update: Buried Dreams passed 75,000 words Sunday. And it’s still chugging right along.

4 thoughts on “The Dysfunctional Mob

    1. I would consider it… I have thought of doing it as a “limited release…” it’s as dark as a Dreams novel and there’s no real “funny” in it. Which is why I never published it.


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