About A Week Off

Much to my surprise, I took about a week off. It was probably good for me. And by taking a week off, I mean I stopped writing. I did during that time get my Cafe Press store open. At the moment, it’s mostly book cover merchandise, but eventually I’ll expand it to some other designs that are related to my books, but not covers. I have a great idea for an Armadillo Badge to put on some stuff for lovers of The Dysfunctional Chronicles.

Wednesday, I returned to writing. And aside from not remembering a name or two from the previous chapters, Buried Dreams picked up exactly as I left off on it. The writing flowed and flowed for hours. I wrote for seven hours on Wednesday, adding another 10,000 words to the book. And when I went to bed, the book was still percolating in my brain, continuing to want to flow.

I also added an “Oh My Wizard” shower curtain from my Cafe Press store to my Christmas list. Although, since, I’ve started drinking coffee, I think I need to add coffee cups to my list, because it turns out my mom and I don’t have enough coffee cups for both of us to drink coffee daily. And I consider the Christmas List making work. It’s so hard to make it. But, the last two years, instead of buying for everyone, we’ve each drawn one name and bought for that one person and it requires a Christmas List. We all buy for Jude.

Something, I haven’t mentioned… this is likely to be Jude’s last year as the only Great Nephew on my side of the family. My nephew M is expecting a boy in March or April. We found out the sex a week or so ago. There are some questions regarding paternity, which is why it’s a “maybe.” But I’m sure Jude will love having a first cousin to play with… God knows, first cousins were very important in my life. I grew up very close with two of my first cousins. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today… One was also trying to get me to be a conformist, while the other was always tell me it was okay to be unconventional. Looking back, I realize, I needed both of them. Hopefully, Jude and this new baby, being 3 years apart will become friends as they grow up.

Anyway, so that was my October. It was crazy, chaotic, and just plain catastrophic in some ways. But I will have Buried Dreams written by the end of the month and it is strangely a “mystery.” I’m still not sure how that happened.

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