Getting My Head On Straight

So, October hasn’t gone as planned. But I intend to make up for it, soon. For today, another post not about female killers. This one is about the movie Halloween…. which means it’s still about serial killers and therefore worthy of an October post. I LOVE Rob Zombie as a musician and a performer. The best concert I have ever been to, was a Rob Zombie concert and there are few songs of his I don’t love. I do not love his movies. And I am brutally disappointed by his remake of Halloween.

Let’s talk about the original first. The entire premise of the original is that Michael Meyers was just born a psychopathic killer. The Myers’ are a perfectly normal, happy, mostly functional family. Michael isn’t physically, emotionally, or sexually, and anyone with an older sister has been neglected at least while they were in the siblings care and most of us didn’t become serial killers. That means nurture doesn’t explain why an 8 year old suddenly decides to slaughter his entire family… unless it was nature and he was simply born a psychopathic serial killer. It is one of the things I love about the first 2 Halloween movies and even the sequels.

In steps Rob Zombie. And he completely destroys the part of the Halloween movies that make them so amazing. Under Zombie’s direction, the Meyers family is suddenly more dysfunctional than most and there’s no possible outcome for Michael than to be a serial killer or grow up to become an alcoholic abusive jackass. In other words, the psychopathic “nature” part of the Halloween movies is removed and replaced by a terrible non-nurturing environment.

I get the point; Zombie’s version attempts to play up the more supernatural aspect of the Michael Myers mythos while capitalizing on the idea of a serial killer who hasn’t even hit puberty yet. But I feel in many ways, it also destroys the mythos, because Michael is made a serial killer, not born that way. It would be less surprising if the 8 year old didn’t kill babysitters and his family.

It isn’t until the very end of 2 that the supernatural enters the Myers’ mythos and even then, it’s tenuous. So, really 3 – Which isn’t about Michael Myers at all… but Season of the Witch is definitely about the Supernatural with the creepy halloween masks that take possession of the wearers and leak insects and things. And that moves it to Halloween 4, before Michael Myers enters the world of the undead and the realm of the supernatural. Which is a big part of the reason I found Zombie’s version so disappointing. Yes, it was a semi-original storyline with an established monsters, but it also ruins the monster. It’s like making Dracula vegetarian. It sounds like it could be a good idea, but the reality is, it takes away most of his scariness.

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